Monday, October 16, 2006

Big Willy Style

When taking some time off from trumpeting their Naval superiority and drinking PG Tips, the British do a superb job of designing fine menswear. The proprietors of Lord Willy's on Mott Street (New York) are no exception.

Alexander Wilcox (Lord Willy to you) and his lovely wife Betty are refined expats bringing a little style and sophistication to the Colonies. Their custom shirts have clever names like Risky Business and Ripley (above), and their beautiful custom suits (made of fine British cloth and crafted in New York) will fit you like a glove--accentuating your pluses and downplaying the love handles with a little sartorial sleight-of-hand.

For those with a slightly lighter pocketbook (prices won't be confused with Old Navy, no matter how you slice it), Lord and Lady Willy offer off-the-rack shirts with matching pocket squares and boxer shorts, which make the perfect gift for the man who has everything (everything, that is, except for an impeccable set of matching shirt, pocket square and boxer shorts). Fine and dandy, indeed.

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