Friday, October 6, 2006


From Jean-Paul Gaultier's Paris 2007 Ready to Wear show

The only place I'd be "ready to wear" this to is a costume party where the directive is "Come dressed as any combination of: 'A Clockwork Orange,' 'Friday the 13th', 'Halloween' and Tom Cruise in the second half of 'Eyes Wide Shut.'"

I do like what he's done with the monochromatic, sheer leggings:

But does this mean that leggings are officially "okay" slash "in"?? I still don't have a pair and I'm still okay with that. However, the other day I saw a girl on 34th Street (of all places) wearing a pair of grey leggings -- a lovely change from the ubiquitous black ones. She was rockin' it right, with a black shirt dress which looked positively great with the contrasting grey leggings. But... are grey leggings the new grey jeans? And I thought tight black pants are the new grey jeans!? Are footless tights the new leggings? And now you CAN wear white after Labor Day? Is Columbus Day the new Labor Day? Is eggshell the new off-white? Life is sooooo confusing, y'awl.

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