Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dresses! Dresses! Dresses!

UPDATE! 20% off all Smartbargains stuff!

UPDATE 2! Hayden-Harnett sample sale!!!! Up to 80% off retail at the sample sale of Hayden-Harnett, 330 W. 38th bwn 8th & 9th; Suite 503 212.564.3720. Dress, jackets, jewelry, and bags. The Ana Frame leather bag was $325, now $150. April 10-12, 11-7.

ANYway... real creative title, huh? Anyway, here's my round-up of ADORBS dresses, as usual, many affordable, others definitely not. They're basically in order of my love for them, starting with just-a-little-crush love and ending at til-death-do-us-part-let's-get-married love.

($39, French Connection, SmartBargains)
The wrap element might create some tum issues for those of us not blessed with flat-tum genes or the willpower to do crunches. But the green is just SOOO springy, and the price, y'all, is right!

($29, Lucca, SmartBargains)
Normally this would be just a little too granola bar for me, but something attracts me to it. I actually think the nipped waist would be flattering on just about any body, and there isn't TOO much Earth mama/worry doll action and shit going on.

($79, Nicole Miller, SmartBargains)
This gorgeous silk dress would look reeeeaaaally wrong on my pasty, errr... milky white. But it's beauts, so perhaps those of you who aren't chalk white could pull off this elegant situation.

($59, IN San Francisco,
I've got no fucking clue what IN San Francisco is, but I do know that I can't get enough of color block, and this dress is so classy and prettyville. And the straps are wide enough to conceal one's bra! (Hopefully). Plus, the black side panels = One-way ticket to Skinny City, USA.

($178, Betsey Johnson, Bluefly)
This would be perfect for when I have a super tan (read: never). Loves this because it's fun and flirty, and unlike a lot of Betsey Johnson dresses, it's not over-the-top draggy, sorta like Betsey herself!

($199, See By Chloe, SmartBargains)
Is this dress too cupcakey? Like in the bad way? I'm not usually a huge fan of satin, but I love the ruffly detail at the bottom of the skirt. I definitely wouldn't advocate black shoes -- some dark pink or coral ones would look fantastic though. Anyway, if you like it, get it.

($89, Nicole Miller, SmartBargains)
While I'm not convinced that the cut of this dress would flatter like, anyone, I LOVE the colors.

($443, Tsumori Chisato,
Love love love love this piece, which showed at Tsumori Chisato's S/S '07 Paris Fashion Week show, in NY, I believe. Check out the rest of the show -- soooo bold! WANT!

($109, Betsey Johnson, SmartBargains)
I so... almost... have... my... finger... on ... "BUY," but I can't for some reason. I think it's gorgeous, and I have 10120348409 weddings coming up, but there's just too much uncertainty with the online shopping aspect here. Would the crochet look trashy up close? (Possible!) Would the color wash me out (HIGHLY possible!) I love the sash and cut though. Wah.

It's slightly mysterious as to why I'm drawn to this dress, and why it's the money shot of this post. I just. Fucking. Love it. K? The solid colors are pretty bland, but the floral version (seen above) is sooooo springy and lovely. I will marry that dress (if only for tax purposes). Save-the-date cards tk.

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