Monday, April 16, 2007

Lewis Cho, Oh Oh Oh!

A friend recently hipped me to the fantastic design duo Lewis Cho, whose silky, sexy dresses and tops are reportedly ultra-comfy, too. I am told I must visit their showroom post-haste, or at least when I've got a special event. The designers are two friends, Annie Lewis and Helen Cho, who used to design for Anna Sui. Let's have a little look-see at their offerings, shall we? To start, here are a few standout pieces from their fall '06 line:

Seems like somebody likes magenta! Now after that sweet eye candy, let's see what is available for purchase on le web.

Swiss dot pocket dress in navy, $220.

Striped boatneck dress, $198.

One-shoulder dress, $198. Gorgeous. The black version is on sale here for $120.

Wrap dress, $198.

Black drawstring Heidi dress, on sale for $159.

Parker kimono dress, on sale for $149. So sweet. Also comes in eggplant (but not on sale).

Tie dress, $245. Also comes in lavender.

Nehru tunic, $165. Also in white. The detailing on this, as on all this stuff, is superb.

Finally, and tragically, Active Endeavors DID have this lovely cranberry-colored long-sleeved dress on sale for $128, but I waited too long to buy it, and now I can't. Curses!

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