Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Do... Want These Dresses... Part Two!

Okay. Now for the more cashe dresses.

First are three that aren't really wedding appropes -- I just liked them.

($262, What Comes Around Goes Around, Shoplastyle.com)
I'm not sure if I like this despite or because of the fact that it's slutty.

($249, Plenty By Tracy Reese, CoutureCandy.com)
Also cute, but not necessarily good wedding-going ware.

($180, Plastic Island, ShopZane.com)
Fun, but the stomach area might be disastrous on most.

K, now for the wedding-appropes:

($389, Doucette Duval, RevolveClothing.com)
I hart everything Doucette Duvall does, and this is certainly no exception. Such an elegant classic.

($374, Doucette Duvall, RevolveClothing.com)
I love this dress and I love the fact that it's called Elephant Chain, and I love it just as much if not more in its shirtdress iteration.

($258, LaRok, Nordstrom.com)
Though it's pretty difficult to pull off THIS much large print with SO much bold coloring, I think this is super fun, especially as a shorter smock dress. This would be adorbs with some simple ballet flats. (Note I didn't say gladiator sandals, because those are scary.)

Here's the front, though I like the bright colors much better than the snoozy pastels:

($310, Les Prairies Des Paris, LaGarconne.com)
Love this dress. If you have the boobs (or not, more specifically) to pull this off, I highly recommend it.

I also LOVE this open-toe heeled sandal, also by Les Prairies Des Paris:

($348, LeGarconne.com)

($314, 3.1 By Phillip Lim, LaGarconne.com)
Precious like a pony, and not a bad price for Phillip Lim.

($267, Alice + Trixie, Dboutique.com)
Another one for those of you not massively endowed (and consider yourself lucky because look at the benefits you reap!) Perfect for a beach wedding.

($375, Tracy Reese, BigDropNYC.com)
Another fit-for-the-beach frock. And, for those of you fortunate enough to tan -- a phenomenon about which I've only heard -- this would look even more lovely.

($29, Forever21.com)
Another fun orange dress but for way, way less.

($22, Forever21.com)
Another "Siempre" dress that looks like it costs waaaaay more than it does.

Finally... my favorite dress of all:

($363, What Comes Around Goes Around, ShopLAStyle.com)
Love love love this dress like Lindsay Lohan loves her a ride on that white horse!

Now, in unrelated news, I LOVE this cocktail ring:

(Apprx $19 USD, GlitzySecrets.com)

And finally, here are two really really ugly things and one WTF thing:

($170, Repetto, LaGarconne.com)
A serious misstep by the otherwise wonderful Repetto! WTF? I love the description: "Simply indie-fabulous." Say whaaaaaa? Simply... no.

($17, Forever21.com)
Cute on the pre-K set, not on you. (Unless you're four, in which case: proceed.)

($240, Roost, Vivre.com)
This is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to REMOVE from my home, not bring into it, let alone set it out as a decorative "conversation piece." Sigh... I just don't even know anymore.

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