Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wish List: The Dress Addition

Okay. I have been hording (in the form of links) tons and tons of stuff I've been wanting to post. So, here they are, in Wish List form.

First up: dresses.


($528, VPL,
So comfy looking. Only prob: it's aboutg $500 above my price range. Drat.

($135, Charlotte Ronson,
Don't care if it looks like a bathing suit coverup. I still want.

($272, Humanoid,
This looks like the type of outfit that's so absurdly comfortable that you start to do a weird white people dance the second it's on. It's called "Groovy Nights," which makes me wanna put my hair up in those old-school ribbon-streamer hair clips. And then do the white-peeps dance.


Okay. I guess these are "officially tunics" or whatever.

(Apprx $49 USD,

($179, Corey Lynn Calter,

($420, What Comes Around Goes Around,

($410, Vena Cava,

Green Dresses

I was "inspired" to find some grass-green dresses after happening upon this green jersey dress from Banana Repubs. Then I realized there's really not much "inspiring" at all about Banana Republic. So I put "inspiring" in quotes. Anyway, here are more dresses in green.

($156, Tufi Duek, Bluefly)
Probably a much wiser investment than the aforementioned. Love this.

($62, Soundgirl,
This shop sounds like some kind of Rastafari rhythm method birth control. Eeek! But I love the dress, and you KNOW we love Soundgirl.

($34, Flux Nouveau, Amazon)
You know... there's nothing super amazing about this dress, but that's sorta okay.


($297, Alice + Trixie,

($84, Drifter, Amazon)

A whole new meaning to "babydoll dress." Ridiculous + love.

($176, Staci Woo,

($232, Tricia Fix,

($224, Vitamin A,
I really don't <3 Cami D, but I DO love love LOVE this giraffe cover-up. Is that a fair trade off??? K. Nighty nights!

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