Sunday, December 2, 2007

Standing on the cracks

OK I might be standing on the cracks of the pavement outside the Palais Royal in Paris (which I was always informed as a child would give me bad luck) but I just don't care because I am now the proud owner of some quite beautiful Lanvin boots. What is luck when you have a pair of beautifully handmade boots from Italy that make you look like a long lost third member of Daft Punk?

It was quite an adventure getting to Paris in the first place as the most efficient route of the Eurostar was far too expensive at £230...I was only going there for a quick wander around and to pick up something at the sale! So, we took the coach from Victoria which was full of French people complaining about the cost of the UK (seriously the two guys in front of us chatted for the duration of the seven hour journey about the expensive nature of all of the cities in the UK, even Manchester, sorry EJ!). We didn't have a ferry crossing on the way there, that adventure was saved for the return leg of the journey...anyway, I will save these tales when I next see EJ in person, let's get back to the...

The 'aren't they beautiful?' close up

So as you can see I managed to pick up a pair of Lanvin boots in Paris during the recent sample sale over the weekend (I have connections, I can say no more). I am told that the menswear on offer as a whole was not that great as it included a number of suits even my Dad wouldn't wear and a collection of shirts that were far too big for my frame...However, fortunately for me the sale did have the perfect solution to my current footwear conundrum. I have been on the look out for a pair of boots for sometime now and the sale provided the solution. I was not able to try on the boots myself because I was not at actually at the sale myself. At the time I was inside Colette buying christmas gifts whilst receiving picture messages of various Lanvin sale items (oh the life I lead at the weekends certainly beats the Monday to Friday monotony of work!) but the picture of these boots stirred my consumerist loins and I just had to have them. The price? Well I am told that these were originally priced at 2000 euros but this being a sample sale and all I managed to acquire them for 150 euros!

Outside the Palais Royal

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