Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love It Or Leave It: L.A.M.B.'s "Darrel" Pump

($335, LAMB, Nordstrom)
Ok. I've been seeing the LAMB "Darrel" heel ALL over the flogosphere lately (flog = fashion + blog ---> dork central, I know). I totally predict that the awkwardly named "Darrel" heel is gonna be this season's wack-ass it-shoe, a la the Balenciaga "Sportiletto" Lego heel nightmare that everyone but Beyonce and Kanye West hated. Or at least this'll be the mid-range designer version.

I personally love the color combo, but I'm almost 150% completely opposed to whipstitching under all circumstances, except for in the case of an emergency -- an emergency being like... you're like a professional rodeo person, and it's like regulation that you MUST wear whipstitching or face total catastrophic career ruin. Otherwise, it's too chees-ay Southwesty/ Tex-Mexy for me. Like, couldn't Gwen have just left well enough alone and let it be a cool, bright color-blocked heel? Guess not.

Anyway, thoughts?

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