Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valentino's 2008 Spring/Summer Ads with Faceless Models

In his newest advertising campaign, before he retires, Valentino has left all his models completely faceless. The images from the ad keep the faces entirely hidden, by hair or by strategically placed accessories and objects.

Here, Valentino is going back to the route of fashion, back to the 90's. Perhaps he intended to use models to display the clothes anyone can wear, and not just apparel that makes stars shine.

“I think one of the key pieces that we were striving for with this campaign was to make the Valentino woman feel more grounded, still stylized but not totally untouchable,” Raul Martinez, CEO and executive creative director at AR said. “You still feel the glamour that is the Valentino brand, but it’s done in a more contemporary way.”

He features top models like Amber Valetta, Anja Rubik, Raquel Zimmerman, and Shalom Harlow but you wouldn’t know it.

The campaign will appear in the February issue of Vanity Fair.

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