Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brown Baggin' It

Lots of cute neutral earth toned bags -- totes, satchels, "saddlebags," if you will -- for el espring! And they're all under $200 ('cept for one).

($39, Lulu's)
There's a lot going on here, texture-wise, but it's all subtle, so it's all good. And peep the similar one in khaki (though it looks brown to me.)

($45, Lulu's)
Spacious, plus, polka dot lining! Tee!

A direct rip-off descendant of that Marc Jacobs bag. Fair enough.

($198, Hayden-Harnett,
A very smart-looking bag. Like, you could be carrying the OED, the DSM or US Weekly inside, and you'd look just as sophisticated regardless. OH! And an update on my second Hayden-Harnett experience: Seamless. (Har.) Delivered straight to my desk. No hassles. Mama go a brand-new bag!

($139, Seonie Parc,
I adore this belted bag. It's like what I would've worn to a late '70s/ early '80s British disco on Rodeo Night. Or something. Check out designer Seonie Parc's site for more colors. Also: promo code: 20% off through this Friday (3/28), code "nerd."

($58, Old Navy)
A real leather shoulder bag from Old Navy? For $58? Seriously? They really are stepping that game up.

($151, Billy Bag,
The anti-Spring bag Spring bag.

($245, Kooba, Barneys)
Kooba's answer to green-chic: the limited-edition 100% organic cotton bag with recycled cork trim. Not cheap, but not pachouli-looking either. Available at Barney's.

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