Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shoes snapping shoes

I came across a piece of 'news' on Dazed Digital which made me smile over the weekend. The Shoes, one of the latest acts to emerge from the French electro scene, have combined their current single "Knock Out" with a photography project. The duo have taken three hundred Polaroids (I have often discussed my love of Polaroids) of fellow artists' shoes and attached one to each of their limited-edition 7" records.

"The idea came to us all of a sudden," said Gui, one half of the pair. "We wanted each vinyl to be unique and offer not only music but also an object that could be collected. We know many people involved in music and art in general - some of them are famous, others aren't, but we fancied the idea of melting everyone in that project." Of course this is a promo gimmick but it is a nice one. I wish more bands did things like this- it has made me want to take more Polaroids of the people around me and their clothes. A visit to unsaleable is in order methinks to stock up on supplies.

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