Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spending YOUR Money: Crazy Hot Bags (Plus: A Slight Urban Outfitters UK Rant)

... That I would only buy with your money:
($250, Linne Pelle)
Actually, I'd spend my own $250 on this Linne Pelle Angie bag, but, to quote the venerable Lil Kim, "Why spend mine, when I could spend yours?"

($625, Rebecca Minkoff, Winknyc)
It's a little diaper bag-y, but I love it. Even though I hate diapers.

($855, Vegan Queen)
While I am neither, I am a fan of both vegans and queens. Still, I'm not sure why this "eco-luxury" bag is $855, let alone $85. Still, if you're paying...

... Next... Joanna Louca.
I, like Just My Cup of Tea, came across Joanna Louca's breathtaking, handwoven bags at Dear Fieldbinder the other day. I walked out empty-handed and heavy hearted after yet another case of pricetag-induced horror, but these hos is worth your doughs.


Makes the Chanel bow bag look like a downright snore, nu?
All bags from JoannaLouca.com, which is soooo Flash-intensive. Check the site for where to buy. Can't deal?

(Apprx $556 USD, Joanna Louca, Urban Outfitters UK)

(Apprx $418 USD, Joanna Louca, Urban Oufitters UK)
It's called "Spending YOUR Money" for a reason!

And while I'm on the topic of British Urban Outfitters -- HOLY FUCK! WHY ARE YOU SO FAR SUPERIOR TO US URBAN OUTFITTERS!!!!!! Observe:

(Apprx $191 USD, Mogil, Urban Oufitters UK)

(Apprx $39 USD, Ollie & Nic, Urban Outfitters UK)
Those are ZEBRAS, people! With an eeensy COSMETICS case! UGH! So cute I could poach a baby polar bear cub! Even your unnecessary crap is better than our unnecessary crap!

(Apprx $329 USD, Lotus Hallmark, Urban Outfitters UK)
Even your hot hooker heels are hotter than our hot hooker heels!

(Apprx $562 USD, Vivienne Westwood, Urban Outfitters UK)
Even your obscenely overpriced shoppers are better than our obscenely overpriced shoppers! Oh well. I'll console myself with our weak-ass dollar. EVERYTHING'S CHEAPER!

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