Friday, May 30, 2008

'Bespoke' for the everyman (online)

My desire to own bespoke clothing and accessories is well documented on the blog. There seems to be a reinvention of 'bespoke' on the high street (really we all know that it is made to measure marketed as bespoke) for the greater market, making it cheaper and much more accessible in the process. One of the most well known "new bespoke" service is NikeiD, which as we know allows trainer fans to choose from more than 54 different shoe styles and an almost limitless catalogue of colours, materials and fittings to create their own ideal pair.

However, I have recently stumbled across the news that my Nan's favourite store has now entered the market. That's right, Marks & Spencer is offering a new bespoke (made-to-measure) shirt service for men from as little as £30...£30! As well as a choice of 30 fabrics, there are different cuffs, collars and pockets, plus a monogrammed option. I have had limited experience with the fit of M&S shirts up until now, although I have been impressed with the resurgence of the store and in particular the Autograph range.

I forgot to mention, you can do it all online. In four simple steps a user is able to design the perfect shirt made-to-measure just for them. You can customize as many or as few features as you wish. All you need to do is have your height, weight and collar size measurements to hand. M&S's biometric technology will do the rest, resulting in a perfect fit and are delivered within 21 days of placing the order (or so they claim - I am a little disturbed that they didn't take any more measurements, like chest, arm, waist...)

My choice is above. I went for a luxurious white poplin, with a round colour, monogrammed hem and of course a tailored fit. I will update you in 21 days once the shirt is delivered. I have no idea what to expect to be honest.

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