Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pony Necklace: A Tribute to Thumbelina, World's Small Horse

Real quick last post of the day...

I saw Thumbelina this weekend -- the world's wee-est horse! She's only 60 pounds and apparently likes to sleep -- probably because she had kids (um, and grown-ups... guilty) gaping, hemming and hawing at her all day on Saturday, when I saw her at the Natural History Museum's opening day celebration of their new exhibit, The Horse."

Apparently she travels around in the "Thumby-mobile," visiting sick kids and melting hearts in her wake with her freakishly adorable teensy stature. She's only about a foot high! Eeee!

Sadly, I didn't get to see her for long, because I was surrounded by pushy children and even pushier prototypical New Yorky parents, and I felt bad for her (the horse, that is), so I snapped the above pic and scurried away, but her sweet, sleeping mini-horseness will live on in my heart forever.

To commemorate her, check out this horse necklace:
($34, Frozen Peas,
Sweet, and cute, like Thumby herself. Won't somebody think of the kids -- i.e. me -- and get me this? Please? I barely even got to see Thumbelina!!!

... More cute stuff:
($40, Pony Attack,
By the awesomely-named San Diego duo Pony Attack.

($24, Caitlin Keegan,
The rare piece of non-wearable art -- "Horse Lady," by Caitlin Keegan. I like to think of it as "Me + Thumby = TLAAF!"

And, sorry to OT for a second, but I also love this one:
($24, Caitlin Keegan,
Peacocks! My second-fave! (Don't worry, Thumby! You'll always be first!)

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