Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gossips About Gossip Girl TV Series and The Fashion That Comes Along With It

I came to know Gossip Girl TV series through a blog of a Filipina celebrity where she cited Blair Waldorf's fashionable outfits. After reading her post, I got curious with the series so I do some online search and finally watched the whole Season 1 episode.

I admit that I am so into it because of the show's fashion statement. Outfits of Blair, Serena, Lily, Jenny and others appealed to me so much that I enjoyed watching it. I can't just can't get enough with the crested blazers, layered polo shirts, kilts, argyle sweaters, daazling jewelries, plaids,knee socks, high boots and most of all headbands!

It's good to hear the news that the Gossip Girl's 2nd season will be aired on September 1. However, amidst the "much anticipation" of fashionistas and glamoristas, "Gossip Girl" is getting lots of attention because of its sexy new ad campaign that depicts its main characters in steamy situations with negative quotes from the Boston Herald ("Every Parent's Nightmare"), the Parents Television Council ("Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate"), the New York Post ("A Nasty Piece of Work") and the San Diego Union Tribune ("Very Bad for You").

As for me, inspite of the critics and negative comments, I will continue to watch closely at what Blair and Serena will be wearing for the rest of the season. Why? Because I'm already 25 years old and I'm totally old enough to be subjected under Parental Guidance..hehehe

By the way, Gossip Girl has already an online store where you can find your fave outfit worn by your fave character.

Here's a slideshow of the Gossip Girl stars with definitely superb outfit:

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