Friday, July 25, 2008

Panty-hose Is a Hit Of This Season.

What we should wear panty-hose with? In fact panty-hose IS NOT a "passive" addition to our atire any more. It became a domitating thing in ensemble. This season a panty-hose is a thing from your wardrobe that will help you in your the most courageous experiments.

Cosy heat.
Synthetics and kapron. It is so good that these fabrics are unfashionable for a while. Soft cotton, gentle wool and other natural materials are preferable. You will feel very cosy when it's cold and your clothes will not electrify.

Good combination.
Dense panty-hose will look marvelously with knitted capes, crocheted cardigans, woolen dresses picked up in tone. If your outer clothing is neutral combine panty-hose with gloves and scarfs.

Dense stockings demand massive shoes, volumetric boots, thick heels.

Woolen stockings - woolen things. Light skirts and transparent blouses are inappropriate.

1. Versace 2. D&G 3. Gucci 4. Gucci

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