Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Style Salvage's Tony Hart Moment

Steve has tried and failed (countless times) at picking up a pencil and producing something that it is worthy of your viewing pleasure. EJ has sketched something special but is nervous about posting - it will follow one day soon. Step forward Susie Bubble who has actually been pestering us to post her effort.

Here comes Style Salvage's Tony Hart moment...Readers have had more luck than us with a pencil and have put me to shame, we thank you all for taking part and apologise for the delay in posting your efforts. Even though Steve couldn't produce anything worthy of showcasing on the blog, his infantile sketching efforts certainly made him think about outfits in a more intense light. As he stared at the outfits of choice he analysed them deeply, taking in the cut, the use of colour, uncovering often over looked short, even though the act of sketching was a failure the task was certainly worthwhile.


Did you pick up a pencil? If you did, please let us know!

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