Friday, December 5, 2008

Bag I Don't Have To Covet Because I Already Own It! Elsapel's Tuskan Laptop Bag! Plus: Ellington Leather Bags

($150, Elsapel)
Is it possible to covet something you already own? Guess so because I DO both love AND covet my laptop bag by Portland-based Elsapel. It's vegan, for you righteous babes out there, and it's like three... three... *THREE!!!* bags in one -- part computer bag, but easily big enough to a diaper/ baby bag OR, even a little weekender bag, if you're a light packer, which I'm not, nor will I ever be. But lately I've been carrying it with me when I travel and packing not just my not-small Acer laptop (sorry -- didn't mean to drop names of my extremely high-end electronics!) but also tons of magazines, books, cords and cables, and whatever else I couldn't shove into my overstuffed suitcase, because, again, I am a chronic overpacker. And, not only has the bag endured after shlepping it to L.A, Virginia, LaGuardia, JFK, AND on a cruise in the past few months alone, but it's also extremely light and easy to carry. I mean, if you used this as a baby bag, you could probably carry your baby in it. Advisable? Probably not, but what do I know? I only have a cat, and right now he's meowing, probably because he's hungry.

Anyway, also, PLEASE know about Elsapel's adorable Poppy collection for Spring '09! My favorite:

($99, Elsapel)
Check out the cool detailing on the side!

Currently, the Elsapel site isn't shoppable, but you can email the excellent, cool, and funny Amanda at or call her at 800-736-1222 to order. Mention FashionBinge, and you get 20% off any of their Fall 2008 stuff! Seriously! How's THAT for customer service? (If ONLY my health insurance worked that way... not that I'm not thankful to have it, but those people are freaking rat bastards.)

ALSO, you can get the Tuskan rolling bag at ModCloth, on sale for just $90 -- and get 10% off when you use your "binge10" promo code -- that's SPECIAL for the 'Binge!
($90, Elsapel,

Also, Elsapel's sister brand, Ellington Leather, has some gorsh-wah, sophisticado leather bags and goods, AND they're on super-secret sale for FashionBinge readers! You get 5% off with promo code BINGE08 on anything on the site, including stuff like...

Beautemous in all of its iterations!

The modest Moroccan purse = also pretty!

Truly, the only rucksack you will ever need. And you DO need it.

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