Monday, December 29, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Smashbox Lip Gloss Collection!

If you're a lucky lady, you got a Sephora gift card or two this ho-ho-holiday. I didn't get one, but BOY OH BOYEEEEE could I rack up some goods... or, um, suggest ways for YOU to spend your hard-earned gift bucks. So, consider me your personal shopper! Like one of those annoying pop-up thingies that pop up in your shit when you're browsing stuff online. Except not as annoying!

Anyway, I HIGHLY, INSANELY, EXTREMELY recommend Smashbox's Rapture Lip Gloss set:
($29, Smashbox, Sephora)
Unlike some gloss sets, these aren't too-too mini -- none of that annoying two-uses-and-they're-gone business -- I've been milking mine for weeks upon weeks -- the formula is excellent, and there's zero gross gooiness! THREE WINS! My favorites are Ravishing (second from left), which doesn't end up looking quite as dark on, and Candid (third from left), which leaves a nice berry glow.

And, stay tuned for more FashionBinge Beauty Buys, featuring WAYS TO SPEND your Sephora gift cards!

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