Friday, December 19, 2008

Get the Look: Mrs. Claus

Today I injected a little bit of Santacon into my outfit, enough that my boyfriend was amused enough to grab his camera and record it for posterity. I came into work and have gotten "very festive," "very Christmas-y," and my favorite: "very...Mrs. Claus." So, if YOU would like to take holiday dressing to a borderline-literal level, I recommend pointing your sleigh at the aforementioned Urban Outfitters, where I purchased the piece de resistance of this formidable outfit:

Silence + Noise embroidered buffalo plaid dress, was $68, now $39.99 online, BUT I only paid $19.99 in the store. I went in for holiday cards, I came out with a dress. Btw, no Mrs. Claus is that insanely buff.

Pair it with these Frye "Andrea" belted boots, marked down to $329.99, OR find your own vintage Dexter boots in a giant thrift store in Portland, Oregon, like I did. I mean, you're a CLAUS -- you can travel, and quickly.

Then get these socks from any Target (just not the online one). Arrange them so the fur cuff just peeks out above your boots. Bam! Instant (yet subtle?) Santa boots.

If you want to really push it, get one of those infernal berets that can be slouching atop the heads of every girl south of the north pole these days. This one is the most ridiculous of all, so that's what I'm showing. Urban Outfitters "popcorn" beret, $34.

And away you go!

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