Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heart Shirts And Blondette Sale!

Admiring on this Lauren Moshi heart tee at Blondette.

($85, Lauren Moshi, Blondette)
BTW, Blondette's giving you 25% off $150 or more with promo code afterchristmas08
through January 3. KNOW that.

(Apprx $43 USD, Illustrated People, Topshop)
Also LOVE this very '80s but not like OMG WOAH LQQK IT'S NEON Illustrated People top at Topshop. It reminds me of the crap Madonna spray paints in her "Borderline" video. Sadly it's only available in size Small on the British site and NOT AT ALL on the US site. INTERNATIONAL TRAGEDY!

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