Friday, December 12, 2008

Katie Holmes' Plaid Shirtdress At Non-Katie Holmes Prices!

($185, PRPS,
Okay, I know that possibly-pregnant Katie Holmes is ALL over PRPS, and that plaid flannel buttondown shirtdress IS cute and all, but what about those of us who are on more of a Joey Potter/ Ice House budget? Those of us not paying for our PRPS in Xenu Xollars? Here are some better deals. Hollr!

($123, Oak)
Okay, so this Oak dress isn't THAT much less, but it's a start.

($60, Something,
Something is about the dumbest name I could think of for a clothing line, but $60 is something I can deal with.

I don't know WHAT this Cora Boutique is all about, but I'm about to make it my PERSONAL BUSINESS to find out! Oh yeah, and looky how cute it is in white!

Vintage sweetness!

($49, Victoria's Secret)
Hesitantly will I recommend this basically okay Victoria's Secret plaid shirtdress. Also, I must point out how cute stuff like this looks like with black leggings and booties in case you was wondering what to wear with booties, because I know sometimes they can be a PITA to pair things with.

Okay. Nite nite! Off to watch the JMU game. GO DOOX!

Nanu nanu!

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