Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The package which saved winter

The package from Daphne has saved me from the cold!

Over the course of the last month or so I have wasted a great many hours wandering the desperate stores on the High Street (30% Off Sales Signs have become a regular feature) in the hope of finding an assortment of accessories which will keep me warm this winter. Last year Topman gave me my black ribbed arm warmers (I don't think I took them off between Christmas and the end of February) and a few other bits but this year this usually reliable source just didn't offer good quality, chunky knitted goods and neither did the others. My feet were tired and my eyes ached from the ridiculously brightly lit stores and just when I could not take any more punishment up stepped etsy seller, dlittlegarden to fill the gap in the market! Whilst I was bemoaning the lack of options on the High Street, the lovely Daphne (who as well as knits has a great blog) has been busy working on the men's knitted pieces for her etsy store and was kind enough to send a few of the items across for me to try out and model. The items she sent me were the...

"Brawl on Bowery" mitts - these are chunky knit fingerless gloves and exactly what I've been looking for over the last month. My fringers hands can now be nice and toasty!
"Christopher Street" Cowl - this is the first time that I've ever worn a cowl and I Love it. This chunky knit ribbed cowl scarf is dressed with brown leather buttons and is my favourite piece because it is so unexpected.
"Triangle Below Canal" Cap -I've recently described how I'd like more men to wear hats and in weather like this a chunky knit cable cap like this is the only answer.

My essentials to combat the cold - Knitted accessories by dlittlegarden worn with long sleeve Heatech tshirt by Uniqlo.

All of her hand knits are made out of a soft, squishy, pure wool/alpaca blend yarn that feels great against the skin and works perfectly to combat the cold. I have had great fun wearing these pieces over the course of the last week and below are my two favourite looks...

Don't be fooled by the bright sunshine. It was damn cold...not that I felt it!

The Angels Sale find was given a new lease of life by teaming it up with dlittlegarden's accesories and a HeatTech t shrit by Uniqlo. I am really enjoying mixing different shades of grey at the moment and think that it works perfectly for a winter warming look. The outfit was finished off with a Tokyo print pocket square by Muji and a Tote bought from Hurwendeki.

My second favourite look involves the current favourite items in my possession. A large purple checked pea coat from Uniqlo (I managed to find the only small in all of London!) and dlittlegarden's "Christopher Street" Cowl. If I could wear these items all day everyday I would be a happy man indeed.

The winter saving package arrived last week and it certainly made my day...in fact it made my week because I'm not sure that I could have coped with the recent cold London weather if it wasn't for her beautiful, knitted creations. From my experience, there is definitely a gap in the market for good quality, well priced knitted accessories and even though the High Street has proved fruitless for me this season, there is rich pickings on etsy thanks to crafty folk like dlittlegarden.

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