Friday, February 27, 2009

Awesome Sale Stuff from Stewart + Brown

Stewart + Brown, you know 'em? Makers of my favey-fave tote bag pretty much ever. Organic pioneers, they say. I believe 'em. Why not? As is my wont, I checked out their sale stuff and only their sale stuff. My findings:

Love birds tote bag, $24. Oh, hey, look at that! An awesome tote bag. Mine's in a different color and pattern but I can assure you it is a superstrong weave, nice and roomy, and has a very useful pocket, in addition to being crazy cute. Recommended!

Ruffle slip dress, $89. Love those ruffles! With a pastel cardi and some kicky sandals, J.Crew better watch its back.

Collar scoop dress, $78. You can't really see the cute notched collar on the printed version, but it's still cool. Red ain't available, sadly.

Loopy tee, $42. How freakin' awesome is this? I really can't imagine anyone NOT liking this. Unless that person's name is "anonymous."

Happy Friday, everyone!

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