Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hitting 25...feeling good, feeling spoiled.

Stylish presents for a spoiled, twenty five year old man.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. Despite the fact that my special one is currently across the Atlantic Ocean covering New York Fashion for Dazed... my day was still special because I hit the quarter of a century mark. Upon hitting this seemingly landmark age, a number of my friends became a little freaked out but after observing them consumed with a heady cocktail of drink mixed with feelings of nerves, excitement and desperation, it was a whole lot simpler for me. Friday evening saw me eat and drink far too much but I fell asleep hitting the big Two Five with a smile on my face and the feeling continued as I shopped, ate the most gorgeous (but sickly) chocolate cake from Maison Bertaux and vegged out in front of the TV with EJ and her aptly named cat, Valentine (we watched The Next Karate Kid). Of course, the best thing about any birthday is the present part (shallow, superficial, me...ha!)....

As Susie escaped to New York on Friday afternoon my birthday shenanigans began a day early and what a way to start proceedings! The present came in a bag decorated with Menswear Show Invites (my favourite being Moschino’s simple cardboard invitation adorned with an etching of dark shades and a protruding, furry moustache) and what was inside truly made me feel spoiled and special. You all know that I love hi tops a little too much but one of the reasons for my love has been the styling of recent Lanvin shows. Top of my footwear lust list has been this pair of Lanvin Hi tops...Susie knows me so well and this is the best present ever! I will be wearing them out for the first time today as I am being taken out to lunch by my sister and her fiance.

On to the day itself and EJ ensured that I had a great day on the present front. First up, a great vintage find and the perfect day bag that I've been searching for for some, the search is over thanks to her! Inside the bag (wrapped in Christmas Penguin paper) was the perfect posing day/night gown which would not look out of place on a relaxed Don Draper reading the morning paper. Whenever I am at home, I'll be donning this robe.

The stylish birthday presents continued with a trip to the shops to spend some of that birthday money which was burning a hole in my pocket. After thoroughly exploring the offerings on the High Street I succumbed to a fitted navy shirt from COS....the shopping will continue once a couple of cheques clear...

I will work my presents into my next batch of outfit shots will be posted later this week. So far being 25 is great!

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