Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Living in Denial, Trying to Pimp Out Ankle Monitor Pics

If you thought Lindsay Lohan couldn't hit a new low, you don't know Lindsay Lohan.
The train wreck has been quietly shopping around a photo of herself wearing her hot new SCRAM ankle monitor bracelet just days after leaving jail. Classy.

"Lindsay Lohan was calling around the [paparazzi] agencies all weekend trying to get $10,000 up front to pose up in the SCRAM bracelet," a source told Us.

A Fiend is a Fiend

ANKLE MONITOR PIMP: Lindsay clearly takes her problems seriously.

"All of the major players passed, and she ended up doing the setup with a small agency. She was pimping it out all weekend, looking for at least 10 grand."
In August, the 24-year-old was angling to do her first post-jail interview with OK! for a cool $1 million, but shockingly, that deal never ended up going through.

Lohan, who 'fessed to failing a drug test and was briefly sentenced to jail for violating probation by Judge Elden Fox Friday, is supposedly serious about rehab.

We'll believe that when we see it, but according to reports, she is considering the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, Calif., located just outside Palm Springs.

But, according to the source, she's effing clueless: "Lindsay is still in denial about being an addict. She is in denial about the power this disease has over her.”

“Even though she has been to jail twice in recent months, and Lindsay is willing to get help, she doesn't seem to grasp the severity of her drug addiction."

She was freed on bail after 14 hours behind bars last week, and faces a new court hearing October 22. At that point, she could be sent back to jail. Who knows.

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