Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dresses (And More) *to Die For

Let's jump to it, okay? Listed in the order in which I covet:

($795, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Saks)
Oh. My. God. Giraffes!!!! Oh. My. God. $795!!!!

($242, L.A.M.B.)
If loving Gwen Stefani is wrong, I don't wanna be right. I don't know exactly how to Holla Back, but I'd be more than willing to learn in exchange for this dress.

($438, Issa,
Issa makes just absolutely gorgeous dresses. More here, for lotsa paper stacks.

(Price upon request, Vintage James Galonos, Decades in L.A.)
LOVE this. It's so "Dallas" and SO delicious. And my size (if I blow my nose a few times and then suck in really hard).

(Price upon request, Vintage Pierre Balmain, Decades in L.A.)
I know it's ridiculous, but I would make it work. I'd wear it to the supermarket and the bank in hopes of being 'razzi stalked.

($299, Tufi Duek, Bluefly)
Oh Tufi Duek. Oh I love you. Love the Deco-meets-ethnic situation here.

($179, Abate, Bluefly)
I don't often go mad for Mod (har), but this is lovely and elegant. Prada-esque for the working girl. The working girl who DOESN'T work at Vogue, that is.

($290, Betsey Johnson,
LOVE this! It's very Jan-Brady-Goes-To-School-But-Forgets-Her-Pants. Um, seriously, could you spare us and put on a pair of tights, or even LEGGINGS if you must?

($82, Betsey Johnson,
A-dor-a-blay. House of Style (WTF is that, by the way??)has 'em but for way way more.

($89, Stop Staring,
Very "Looo-Seeee?? I'm HOOOoooo-M!" Love the waist action.

($89, Jenny Han,
Super cute. Picnic-perfect!

($253, Erotokritos,
Better in theory than practice??

($305, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
Also cute only in theory? Too Vanna-White-And-Nancy-Reagan-Circa-1984-Play-Dress-Up?

($109, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
The cutesiness of the ribbon situation is offset by the sexiness of the keyhole peekaboo action. And I like that the color is referred to as "Napa wine." I've never been to Napa, but I do enjoy wine, like, a lot, so, I'll drink to that!

OK. Time to discuss kimonos, k? Do we love 'em or not so much? Of course my first pick of the litter, if i HAD to own one, would be a Kara Janx kimono dress:

($185, Kara Janx,
My fave's totes the black and green one, sadly out of stock, but I'm sure she'll be whipping up more. I also like the grey (doy) dress on this site. Too lazy to post yet another photo, so here you go. It looks weeyahd at first, but zoom in, and I assure you, additional cuteness will become apparent.

Now, here are some expensive kimono items:


($260, Single Dress, Bloomingdale's)
Super pretty, but pretty pricey.


($148, Abby Z, Nordstrom)
Pretty and plus-sized, but with a plus-sized price tag too. Boo.


($216, Harkham,
I know it's not a dress, but it falls neatly into the kimono sub-genre, so deal.

NOW... FOUR AFFORDABLE kimono situations, all under $40:

The whole no-brand thing is suspect, but who cares? It's a $40 no-brainer.


Another no-brander, but again, who cares?


I'm loving this because it LOOKS really 'spensive. Also comes in a red situation.


($29.99, Meron, targs)
Just another reason to <3 Targs. I'm not positive I'd wear this, but it's a great deal, and it's good for work.

Now back to non-kimono stuff...

($26.50, Lush,
How cute is the blue-and-pink color combo? Lulu, whoever you are, ya done good.

($34, Soundgirl,
You don't have to be rockabilly or emo or "scene" or whichever ebay descriptor you identify with to love lil cherries. Yay, again, Lulu! And I'm a fan of about 90% of what Soundgirl does. (The music on their site is always right on, too.)

And finally...

($43, Scrapbook,
I think I'm gwongo buy this, though I fear it may look like overwashed cotton in person. I'll report back.

Oh wait... here's the "and more" section:

($116.40, Dreamland by Joystick, Playhouse Clothing)
I know this is super young, but it's so cuters.

($66, Dreamland by Joystick,
And here it is in t-shirt form. Cute cute!

Donations gladly accepted for any or all of the above.

*Remember kids: fashion is NOT worth dying for. It's just a turn of phrase

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No, No, No: A World of No


($98, Jeffrey Campbell, Urban)
Urban Outfitters, WHY? Why why why? There's just no excuse for this kind of nonsense. You know, I work hard all day. I get a LOT of emails. I don't need YOU clogging up my inbox with this kind of fashion crime.

A crime against good taste. This kind of thing could be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands. Like Sienna Miller's, for example. Unless you are an adorable lisping, gap-toothed four-year-old in pigtails and/OR you work on a farm sowing seeds, overalls are OFF limits to you!

One more crime of fashion passion:

ALL of the "also-a-purse" creations found here. Here is just a SMALL tasting of the shit platter she offers:

And I didn't even start on the holiday collection. Now I KNOW it's not very nice to hate on someone's work, but it's also not nice to walk around with a $300 plaster and enamel replica of the LoveBoat hanging around your wrist. Word.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Fun-day Dresses

These dresses have absolutely nothing to do with Monday. I just wanted to make a cutesy rhyme.

So I went to the Soho Bloomingdale's this past weekend. I drooled over and nearly onto this Bellette dress:

($465, Diane von Furstenberg, Bloomingdale's)
... Except the cream dream version I saw was school bus yellow with magenta underneath. And I cannot find it ANYWHERE online. Not that I could justify buying it, but I do like to Windows shop. (Get it!? Hee!)

I did find these two DVF beauties on eBay though:

(Currently $39, DVF, eBay)
Vintage. Gorg.

(Currently $69, DVF, eBay)
Love this. Also, this chick looks like an Olsen twin after like three grapes.

($235, Alfie, Hayden-Hartnett)
This dress is gorgeous and could be easily mistaken for Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi or Gucci, IMHO.

($245, Nicholas K)
Refinery 29 and Nicholas K have me shedding tears of joy over The Ryan dress. It looks so comfy, and the accessorizing options are absolutely limitless! WANT WANT WANT WANT! NOW NOW NOW NOW! (waaah!)

($80, Chrissa,
I know it's not a dress, but it's MY blog so piss off! I so heart this fun mustard color. It'd work perfectly in any season. Don't agree? Well TOO BAD! IT'S MY BLOG! Jk. Loveyoumeanitpease!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fashion Remorse.

THIS is SOOOO cute...

And SOOOO sold out. Boooo!

More cutersness to come, pe-hoples! Almost. cuter than this:


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wrangler to open Carnaby store

American denim brand Wrangler in is due to open a UK flagship in London's Carnaby Street. It will be the company's first UK Concept store showcasing Wrangler's mens and womenswear collections.In store Iconic denim brand Wrangler has chosen one of the capital's most renowned shopping destinations, Carnaby Street, to open their first UK Concept on the 22nd March 2007.

For denim connoisseurs a must see will be the Blue Bell Archive area showcasing the history of the first modern day 5 pocket jean. The Blue Bell range was first designed in 1919 by the famous rodeo tailor ‘Rodeo Ben' Lichtenstein, whose clients included Roy Rodgers and Bill Hailey.

The store opening will coincide with the launch of Wrangler's new womenswear collection, called Blue Bella. Louise Vaughan, Wrangler UK Marketing Manager said, “Wrangler introduces the best collections to date for spring summer and it is fitting that we open our first UK Concept store to showcase them in. Carnaby Street is a Mecca for denim aficionados and the Wrangler Store will be a key destination for this consumer.” The Wrangler boutique opens on 22 nd March.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Cute Stuff! Some Affordable, Others Not

Okay. Here's some rad, ruling stuff, y'all.

($182, Sunner,
Super cute dress, and it looks like it'd be super flattering on all body types, but the price doesn't flatter me. Fortunately this looks like JUST the type of thing we can expect Urban Outfitters and/or Old Navy to knock off shortly! Here's hopin'!

($158, BCBG, Bloomingdale's)
This is perf for those weddings and events in the in-between season of Sprummer -- not quite spring, not quite summer, knowhudimean?

($355, Diane von Furstenberg, Bloomie's)
OOoooh pretty, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek espensy! Super elegant and timeless though.

(Apprx $273 USD, Diane Von Furstenberg, Browns)
More DVF! I'd definitely sooner dole out nearly three BJs (Ew! Benjamins, you freak!) for this beauty as opposed to the black number. The dark colors reminds me of London, when it gets dark super early and rains the whole time, but you're drunk by 6PM because that's how it rolls. Also, brown and chili pepper are TOTES in for F/W '07, k? Also, while we're talking about DVF, check out the rest of her Fall line. Beauts!


($19.99, Target)
Yay! Cute and affordable! Viva la 'Jay!

($39.99, Rafe for Target)
Speaking of Targs... should I get this bag? Pro: It's orange. Con: It's canvas (soils easily) and snaps and doesn't zipper (safety first, ladies!)

($7, Sears,
Yay! Another thing that's affordable! Except that ho totes needs to pick up an iron. Eeek! But apres, you could totes look like the cutest little all-growed-up L'il Orphan Annie.

($49.95, no apparent brand,
If you're into the military look and/or My Chemical Romance, this jacket might make the maybe list. Maybe you could buy it and save it in case the "he's-in-the-army-now" look comes back again soon, as I'm sure it will since it's a close cousin to the nautical look. But this site is most shady.

($101, Michael Kors, Zoe)
Do you love these Michael Kors boots, or do you hate 'em? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Maybe I just like 'em because they're on sale. But they're sorta fun.

($35, prolly Wild Pair,
Anyone who's ever attended a party I've thrown knows that these Dolly Parton pumps are totes something I'd probably answer the door wearing. (Yay, me!)

($128.95, Steve Madden,
Speaking of Dolly Parton and shoes that I'd def wear...

Is it wrong that I think this could actually be cute if you took it up to the knee? Not with the Dolly pumps, but still? Cute?