Friday, November 30, 2007

More Balenciaga Badness

(Photo via

GAH! Aside from the EVERYTHING that's wrong north of her knees, Jennifer Connelly is also redirecting the traffic of misery south of her ankles with these moiré-inducing Balenciaga heels.

For those of you who don't know what moiré is -- and don't worry, I knew that it existed, but I wasted like 30 minutes looking for the term in Google -- it's that terrible pattern you see on TV, especially when someone's wearing tweed or houndstooth. It makes a jumping effect, and it's created by two sets of patterns that basically overlap and make your eyes wanna barf.

Just like so!

Anyway, there's your science lesson for the day! Still, it's NO excuse for these heinous zig-zag heels!

Marimekko For H&M! Behold! Rejoice!

Huzzah and huzzah and huzzah!

From IG Trendcentral:
"Launching this April, Finnish textile company Marimekko is partnering with H&M to do a collection for women and children that will include tunics, dresses, hats, and bags in their signature striking prints. We’re hoping their classic tulip patterns will make an appearance."

Now THAT I might stand in line for and risk mass stampeding!

Coupon & Promo Code Bonanza

Mysterious frequent commenter "Poop McGee" sent me a rip-roarin', rootin'ly tootin'ly massive list of promo codes. I've tried to strip out the suckier ones (! Rave!). Anyway, GO! SPEND LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!

Alloy: ALYGIFT (20% off entire order til Dec. 3, 2007)
American Eagle: 64152219 (15% off from Nov. 27 - Dec. 11, 2007)
Armani Exchange: STYLE20 ($20 off $100 from ? - ? )
Banana Republic: BRHOLIDAY (20% off from Nov 27 – Dec 24, 2007)
Bare Escentuals: BEFAMILY (20% off from Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2007)
Bath and Bodyworks: VELVET10 ($10 off $30 from Nov. 27 - Dec. 2, 2007)
BeBe Sport: FAMILY25 (25% off from Nov. 29 - Dec. 2, 2007)
J. Jill: FFNV25 (25% off on Nov 27 – Dec 2, 2007)
JC Penney: CHAMPION (20% off from Dec. 9, 2007)
Levis Store: LOJVWYJ9 (20% off $75 from Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2007)
Liz Claiborne: FRIEND40 (40% off from Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, 2007)
Macy's: MACYSFRIEND or MACYSFF or CFF117 (20% off from Nov 28 – Dec 03, 2007)
MetroStyle: MSTYLE50 (50% off Single Item from Nov. 28 - Dec. 31, 2007)
New York & Company: 9897 ($30 off $75 from Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2007)
Nike: 2PCTH7A (20% off $125 from Nov 27 – Dec 24, 2007)
Overstock: 73989 (10% off $45 from ? - ? )
Ralph Lauren: HOL2007 (30% off 11/10 - 12/10)
Red Envelope: AMX25WISH ($50 off $200 from ? – ? )
Sephora: FF2007 (20% off from Nov. 28 - Dec 31, 2007)
Speedo: FRIENDS4 (25% off on Nov 27 – Nov 30, 2007)
Ulta: 84447 (20% off Single Item from Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2007)
Victoria's Secret: FA78113 or FA78449 ($15 off $100, $30 off $150, $75 off $250, & $150 off $500 from Nov. 28 - Dec. 20, 2007)
Victoria's Secret: WARM25 (25% off Single Sweater from Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2007)

Sweet actress: Crystal Liu Yi Fei 刘亦菲

Name: Crystal Liu Yi Fei 刘亦菲
Birth date: August 25, 1987
Birth place: Wuhan, China
Height: 170cm
Blood Type: B
Education: Beijing Film Academy (graduated 2006)
Languages spoken: Mandarin and English
Profession: Actress and singer
Favorite sports: Golf and tennis
Favorite actresses: Audrey Hepburn and Vivian Leigh
Favorite singers: Amuro Namie and Faye Wong

Magazinul Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney si-a decorat pentru sarbatori magazinul din Mayfair, luxosul cartier londonez, si, alaturi de prieteni si clienti fideli a organizat si o petrecere la care au fost aprinse ornamentele luminoase. Ea a purtat o tinuta all black compusa dintr-o haina din casmir si lana cu doua randuri de nasturi, fusta si cizme inalte.

credit foto: wireimage

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Picture postcard: something to think about

Oi Polloi ad Image courtesy of me. Ha!
I return! Internetted and new flatted and eating peanuts. No outfit to drool over today, but a poster from the lovely folks at Oi Polloi (for some reason posted literally round the corner from their shop) for you to mull over. So what do you think? Do you dress up for rock? It's certainly true that a hell of a lot of people do- just look at the lollipop boys that are so prevelant now (skinny in tight jeans, round head of backcombed hair) to go with the trend for 'indie' music... or the Stroke wannabes that went before.

While you ponder that, I'll be pondering whether QOTSA will actually play on Sunday. Do 'severe chest infections' last more than 3 days? Sigh...

Bonjour EJ
I am sitting in an internet cafe opposite the Pompidou trying to get to grips zith the subtle differences between English and French keyboards. Those folks at Oi Polloi must think you are a strange girl indeed...always lurking around the shop front! There is no doubt that music influences fashion and vice versa. One only hqs to examine the work of Heid Slimane who has tqken ,uch inspiration from emerging artisits, for example These New Puritans. This excerpt from following the Dior fall 07 show highlights the point well: “His band du jour, These New Puritans, provided a sound track that left one wanting more, their drummer George Barnett made for a much more appealing muse than Pete Doherty, and their home, the British town of Southend, provided a rich seam of inspiration for a collection that roamed confidently across the terrain of English youth cults.” Music has an influence on fashion but there is little doubt that fashion can also have an influence on music, well atleast in swaying press and ultimately public opinion.
I have to mention the work of Christian Joy and her costume design for Karen O and I was fortunate to see some key pieces at a recent V&A exhibition. As shown on stylebubble, Joy has now worked with the Klaxons. I agree with stylebubble that this is a welcome wardrobe change from the band that has helped get the designs of Cassette Playa greater attention (refer to ny previous rant if you have forgotten my opinion on this label!
I am sure that music and fashion will continue to influence each other and there is nothing wrong with that in my book!
I am now off to enjoy Paris!

Victoria - imaginea Marc Jacobs

Ceea ce initial a fost doar un zvon, s-a confirmat: Victoria Beckham va fi imaginea colectiei de primavara a lui Marc Jacobs. La showul Victoria's Secret, Posh Spice a purtat pe covorul roz o tinuta Marc Jacobs din aceasta colectie.

Christina Aguilera in Marie Claire ianuarie 2007

Sexy mama, Christina Aguilera este cover girl pentru numarul din ianuarie 2008 al revistei Marie Claire.


Movember - Sponsor Me

I can't believe that I didn't know about this until now! Moustache lovers, if you remember it next year, make sure you sign up to do this. Movember involves lovely generous chaps growing their taches throughout November and getting sponsorship to do so, raising money for Prostate cancer. I know this isn't directly related to style, but it's a cause close to my heart (plus, any excuse to encourage tach growing!). If you fancy donating, details are here

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Home Fashion From Moschino

All fashionistas will gonna love this post! That's for sure. Moschino has fashioned some creative decor pieces for the home that include: boot lamp, bag lamps and bustier lamps.

According to, the fashion world recognizes Moschino for its tongue-in-chic style that pushes the limits, and now the whimsical label has taken its vision to the home. Without straying too far from its iconic wit, Moschino's new line of lamps copies the garments that inspired them. In true-to-life dimensions, the dress, bag, bustier and boot lamps are now available for special order.

Dress up your home with these decors. Extend the fashion to your home sweet home...


Vanessa a aprins Parisul

Ieri, Vanessa Paradis a avut onoarea sa aprinda decoratiunile luminoase pentru Craciun, din Paris. Ea a aratat tres chic intr-o haina in carouri Chanel,din colectia de pret-a-porter toamna-iarna 2007/08 cu talia marcata de o curea neagra, dresuri negre si pantofi din lac cu mai multe barete.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seventh On Sale: Fashion Dos & Don'ts Galores

Okay, I don't see what the BFD is about Seventh On Sale. I'm glad it's for a good cause, (100% of the eBay proceeds go to HIV/ AIDS charities, and you can't argue with that... unless you're George Bush or something) but it's basically a black tie flea market. Mainly, I'm confused about what happened to my invite -- it must've gotten lost in the mail. Harumph! Oh well. There's always next year. Til then, let's talk about the abundant fashion mortses, and a few gems too.

While I do agree with one Popsugar commenter, who referred to MK's Giambattista Valli white frock as a "Huggies" dress (tee!), I LOVE the fun, much-ballyhooed hot-pink stilettos (also Giambattista Valli) Mary-Kate wore. The dress is, as most anything she wears over a size 3T, humungo on her, the shoes work. And considering some of the batshit-nuts get-ups she often wears, this is seriously tame. And yes, they're an impractical 18 inches tall or something, but doesn't she have someone she pays to carry her? Observe the look in this less scowly shot below. Yay! ... Now if only she'd get rid of that baby fat already! HOW WOODE!

Jessica Seinfeld also could've wrapped Mary-Kate around her waist for a "pop" of color!

Yes, it's bit flamenco-y, but Jennifer Connelly is spellbinding in Oscar de la Renta, and it fits her so well on top that she actually manages to stand out from the dress and not look like the dress is wearing her. Minus several points though for the Bert and Ernie brows.

Dita Von Teese continues to scare me. Am I supposed to care that she fucked Marilyn Manson?? She reminds me of a slutty Mona Lisa. And what's more, Eve appears to be growing out of the side of her Marchesa gown...

... While Blake Lively appears to be playing an invisible harp growing out of her head while doing an impression of Cher.

Kate Spade may be an arbiter of questionable accessories and often boring little handbags, but she's CLEARLY doing something right since she's a billionairess. She knows what's up, right? So why is she wearing metallic blue ankle straps with this purple pup-tent of a dress? And the belt looks like those tie-down thingies you use to hold down your Igloo cooler to the top of your Rav4. Perhaps she had to dash off to a camping benefit straight away!

Michael Stipe is flashing you. (I smell a LOL Cat in here!)

Can we PLEASE just stop humoring Parker Posey? Yes, she does a funny Southern accent and was hilarious as the Busy Bee lady and great as a creepy fake Jackie O. But she's clearly NUTTY! Just swap out her bag with the New York Times, and you've got suburban "Just Grabbin' The Paper" couture. Seriously, you should not sleep naked in a hotel, lest the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you gotta bolt. Should that occur, you should definitely have a poly-sateen bathrobe on hand.

Okay. Beddy-bye time for Tams!

Beyonce's Bringin' Balenciaga Back... Again...

I saw Beyonce in those absurd $4,150 Balenciaga Lego heels at the AMAs the other week, but I was too lazy to "bolg" about it. Thankfully, the absurdly, obscenely hilarious Kingdom Of Style busted wasn't -- she nabbed Ms. Knowles for galavanting about in these trannybot heels.

Anyway, these shoes are Pure Atrocity. Plus, and I'm not usually the first to blow the "soooo last-season" whistle, but these um, are, especially when you're as recognizable as Beyonce and you're wearing primary colored Transformers on your feet at an awards show. Dude, it is YOUR DUTY to bring something FRESH to the table, even if it is something your cray-cray mama made outta Liberace curtains.

Manolo himself deemed these old "hat," if you will, back in September. THE HORROR!

Anyway, LEAVE THEM ALONE, Chris Crocker style. Let them go quietly into that deep, dark hein-shoe resting place in the sky, never to be heard from again. Can we? Please? Forever? Forever and for realsies?

Dr. Feel-Good and the Need for Brown Shoes

Savin' makes me feel good...the Doc Martens site (the Official Dr. Martens USA Store to you) is offering a whopping 35 percent off of all (nonclearance) shoes with coupon code DMFF3507 (valid till December 14). And I bought two pairs of shoes! I'm pretty psyched about them. I needed a pair of relatively basic brown pumps. I think. I mean, this is something a professional woman should have, yes? Please weigh in if you have strong opinions on the subject. Of course, I fell in love with the two-tone number and had to get those too. After the discount, the damage was only $107. Free shipping, too!

Dr. Martens "Jenna" mary-jane pump, $95 (minus 35 percent is...cheaper). It also comes in basic black, dramatic red, and shiny navy, which I considered but rejected. I mean really, when do you ever wear navy shoes?

Jenna T-bar pump, on sale for $70, plus you get the 35 percent discount. Oh hell...I'll whip out the calculator...$45.50! I think these are quite Camper-esque, and just the kind of sensible-yet-funky footwear I crave. Score!

I also pondered, but did not purchase, these:

Dr. Martens wedge zip calf boot, $100 but only $65 with the discount. (That math's easy.) I have a pair of boots the exact same color, but had they been a darker brown, I may have. I also find myself with the need for dark brown boots sometimes. Oh, the misery...

Famous Sexy Actress: Bai Ling 白灵

Name: Bai Ling 白灵
Height: 5' 3''
Sex: F
Nationality: Chinese
Birth Date: October 10, 1970
Birth Place: Chengdu, China
Profession: Actress
Education: New York University (1991)
The Lee Strasberg Institute (1991)
Claim to fame: As Shen Yuelin in Red Corner (1997)