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RUN DON'T WALK to Rue La La For Their Nicole Miller Bridal Sale! Seriously, GO!

So, despite my previous run-in with a HORBS Nicole Miller "special evening gown" that I thought might make a dece wedding dress (I thought wrong), I tried on several ACTUAL Nicole Miller wedding dresses this weekend at Michelle in Brooklyn Heights. My Michelle experience was great, and I really liked two of the Nicole Miller dresses I tried on. I'm not going to go with either dress because they're too "big" and "cupcakey" on me, but they did feel wonderful on, and if I wanted a big dress, I'd go that route for sure, and I'd be happy to buy from Michelle.

BUT, actually I probably wouldn't because is having a Nicole Miller bridal sale for like the next few MINUTES or something, and one of the very dresses I tried on -- the silk faille mermaid with beaded details -- on is available. Originally $2600, available at RueLaLa in sizes 0 - 16 for $650 (!!!!!!!!). SERIOUSLY! GO! GO NOW! (You need an invite to log in -- lemme know in the comments if you need me to invite you!)

($650, Nicole Miller Bridal,

Brian Atwood Atrocity

I usually really like Brian Atwood heels (and will admit to ALMOST ALWAYS thinking of RYAN Atwood from The O.C. [RIP]), but these are both EVERY color too many and every shade of wrong:
(Apprx $574 USD, Brian Atwood,
I'm counting the SECONDS until they show up on Mariah Carey's feet.

Sad panda.

Reflect Forward with Massey

If you happen to find yourself in London in the month of April you should certainly make a trip to Clerkenwell to catch Reflect Forward. Craft Central’s Reflect Forward initiative offers designer makers the chance to research and show a new body of work and next month one of our favourite designers, Carolyn Massey showcases her craft next month. During our interview with the lady herself we mentioned she had been announced as the first ever fashion designer to be awarded the Reflect Forward award and April sees her showcasing her talent for a wider audience.

"Carolyn's proposal to research historical garments whilst creating a cutting edge contemporary look sat really well with the Reflect Forward aim to enable designers to use museum collections as starting points for creating bold and fascinating new work."
Kate Osborn, Craft Central.

Fresh from LFW, the exhibition will showcase Massey's AW09 collection. Inspired by the Museum of London and National Army Museum, the collection saw her revive seemingly forgotten historic details and silhouettes. The exhibition pulls together the research and development that went in to the collection and offers an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ peek. I was fortunate enough to visit the designer at her studio last month where I could see the collection up close and the beauty really is in the details. At the time I wished more people could see the collection in this manner and now is your chance.

A closer look at the knits and accessories from Massey's aw09 collection.

After having a good nosey around her workspace it was clear that Massey is at her happiest when researching something she has found, either an old picture or an actual garment. By taking elements from pieces she has seen and found whilst combining them with her vision for menswear she create something new. This exhibition is guaranteed to be a delight. With free admission, the exhibition will be open to the public from 1-25 April and if you are in London during this period it would a crime not to go.

Yuko Ogura Wallpaper

Yuko Ogura Wallpaper

Private buying season is officially open.

This weekend I escaped London and found some cool sunshine on the Kentish coast (one of the reasons for the little holiday from posting). Before I left this fair city and after I had a few post work cocktails I swung by Omar Kashoura's and Carola Euler's private buying evening held at Cube where I could stake my claim for pieces from their aw09 collections. You might have caught my twitter updates but if not, I will elaborate on my Friday evening. Did I mention it was payday...? After a couple of well mixed mojitos and with a glass of wine in my hand I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop ordering quarter after quarter of treats and delights. In this instance the kid had grown up and was ordering the 'bridal piece' of Euler's collection (as proclaimed by Euler herself), two shirts by Euler and a cardigan and a shirt from Kashoura.

The shirt with armour like shoulder detailing and the wedding dress, the trench both by Carola Euler

On the train back to the coast, a little purchaser's guilt did creep in but I soon snapped myself out of it because my choices were the right ones and will fit in in and add to my wardrobe very nicely indeed. The art of my wardrobe building continues in earnest and I have to assure you that my purchases well extremely well thought out despite the consumer bravado brought on by the drink. I have been on the hunt for a grey trench coat for the last few months and as soon as I encountered this one over on BUCK my hunt was over. As for the white shirt, it is a classic which Euler has masterfully updated with her sculptural details. In all honesty, I could have quite happily walked away with both complete collections but I was strong willed and selected carefully.

All I have to do now is play the waiting game for my garments to be made. This really is a great way to buy clothes because it gives you a chance to speak to the designers themselves and make any slight amendments to your order. For example, unfortunately I am not blessed with Antonio Bracciani's perfect body (see issue nine of Fantastic Man) and garments frequently fit me how I'd like them to fit. Carola noticed this instantly and after looking up and down once more declared me to be in between a small and a medium...a smedium if you will (because I'm closer to a medium. Rather than ordering something that was not quite right, Euler would now make the necessary adjustments to create my perfect trench coat. I might not be blessed with the perfect or ideal body but I have found the perfect way to shop. More updates will follow as and when my orders are finished.

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Bluefly Bridal Binge! Vera Wang, Bagdley Mischka And More! ROP!

I cannot even BELIEVE how many amazors potential wedding dresses Bluefly is STOCKED with right now. And by wedding dresses, I mean either non-traditional wedding dresses to wear AS your wedding dress or TO a wedding. Do BLUEFLY a favor and GET THEM OFF THEIR HANDS, okay? They're practically PAYING YOU to buy these gems! Also, apparently "just today," you can get 15% off dresses (discount taken at checkout), so DO IT!

($448, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)
I am feeling SO many emotions about this dress, all of them POSITIVE and overwhelming. It's sorta what I was hoping for with my Nicole Miller fail, but this looks even more fantasticosa! I'm not a fan of the wrap, but no big whoop, right?

($402, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)

($331, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)
I'm not usually a fan of pleats like these, but I like the structured bib. Cool for alt-bridesmaids dresses!

($501, Amsale, Bluefly)
I mean, look me in the EYE and TELL me that Amsale's "Duet" gown isn't to DIE! It's simple but commanding and not overwhelming tacky. And that sexy back! LOVE! Also, short ladies, you CAN wear full gowns. And I love that this is full but not like the width of a sedan. This width is perfect for a shortie like myself.

($125, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Definitely not for me, but if you're looking for a more traditional wedding gown, um, HI! This Vera Wang is like four cents, relatively speaking. I could see this being really purdy on a tall, thin type.

($331, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Much better on shorties or tall types!

($400, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Love the pretty stone color. Nice for a fall/ early winter wedding.

($324, Vera Wang, Bluefly)

($221, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
EEE. Love the black-on-white detailing!

($301, Adam, Bluefly)
Wooden beads aren't so me, but this is still a super gorj beach wedding dress!

($169, BCGB Max Azria, Bluefly)
Not so me, but still really stunning -- especially that open back.

($220, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
One of my favorite -- love the champagne-ness.