Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tom Ford scandalos

Tom Ford se expune au naturel in noul numar al revistei Out, revista de moda si lifestyle pentru gay. Fostul designer Gucci socheaza prin declaratii, dar si prin imagini. Pentru promovarea parfumului sau Tom Ford For Men a apelat la imagini cu continut sexual explicit (mai multe pe site-ul
Tom Ford despre femei:
"I love women, I just don't fall in love with them, but I'm attracted to them, I find their bodies beautiful, and I can relate to them as the persued, because of course as a gay man you understand what it's like to be taken - to be an object to your partner - as well as what it's like to be the aggressor."
Tom Ford despre a fi gay:
"I have to say that I don't think gay is the most attractive word; If I were art-directing the creation of a word that would describe homosexuals, I think I would have tried to find another one. Gay makes us sound silly and frivolous, which is probably where it came from originally - it was first used in a Cole Porter song in the '30s - and I think it was probably a bit derogatory, and so it's not a word I necessarily like, but it's what I am, whatever."

Afisul publicitar al parfumului Tom Ford For Men

sursa: out

Victoria din nou bruneta

Victoria Beckham este din nou bruneta. Ea a ales o culoare mai naturala, care o avantajeaza mult mai mult. Se pare ca este doar inceputul unei noi schimbari de look.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The great outsider and collaborator

One of my current personal favourite designers is Watanabe. he can be considered a fashion outsider because he is something of an enigma and I think this is part of the attraction. I must admit that I've not really taken too much notice of him previously but now I am looking through his past creations and really enjoying what I'm seeing! Unfortunately menswear design is not really known for innovation but designers like Watanabe and (more recently)Throup are helping address this. I love how Watanabe deconstructs classics, for example taking apart white shirts or trench coats and exaggerating a facet or two, and then putting them back together for an entirely new and accomplished result. In an arena not exactly known for embracing groundbreaking innovation, Watanabe’s menswear has received particular acclaim. Although I like his s/s 2008 collection it is far too cold to be thinking about that season so I will concetrate on a/w 2007 and his bikerwear collection! As I've come to understand the 'Watanabe way' is to leave no sartorial cliché un-deconstructed, so he broke down the biker jacket into its component parts—collar, belt, zips, etc.—and put them back together in unexpected ways, reminiscent of The Clash.

This image is courtesy of - Daft Punk on the catwalk? I'm in love with leather biker jackets right now and this show was one of the main reasons for this love to blossom.

Not content on concentrating merely on the leather biker jacket he looked at cloth versions and added numerous I've mentioned previously I adore zips.
Other than the search for the perfect biker jacket which is a tremendously difficult task because it is a classic and should be regarded as a staple for any man's wardbrobe I am looking for the right boots. I'm undecided between keeping to the biker theme or purchasing something a little more formal. I will keep you updated as to how my search goes and leave you with one more example of Watanabe's work...

Just look how Clash like this is!

"All I can do is be me, whoever that is."

Love him or loathe him most of us are going to be seeing and hearing alot about Bob Dylan in the coming months. With the new biopic being released soon (check out the trailer here) and the release of a number of 'new' Dylan albums.

I personally love him and there can be little doubt that he is more than just a music legend, he is a style icon too! Even women and not just Cate Blanchett want to get in on his style as seen on Catwalk Queen. There are many eras to Bob Dylan as shown by the recent biopic and this site (which I came across on my google search!) but for me there is only really one time in which Bob Dylan will be remembered for his style, mid 60s Dylan. he had just shaken off the Woody Guthrie and folky look and found a style of his own. He had the Wayfarers (which were back with a vengeance this summer!), he had the skinny jeans, the biker boots and he had the attitude of the Beat movement!

Playing Dylan during this time is (as I'm sure you have heard) Cate Blanchett. I've seen quite a few stills and she looks arguably the most Dylan like out of all the actors in this film. I've definitely seen a few female Dylan alikes around London over the last couple of months but Cate is definitely the best.

Anyway, back to men's style! I expect to see quite a few men's style magazines commenting on Dylan's style. I've not yet seen any but I will keep an eye on it. I think the mid 60s Dylan look is very wearable today and is pretty perfect for those days when you are not too sure what to wear or even on Saturday mornings when you are a little hungover.

Intimately Beckham Night

Pentru ca Intimately Beckham for him si for her au avut succes, sotii Beckham in colaborare cu Coty au creat si Intimately Beckham Night. Cel feminin contine note de bergamota, mandarina, scortisoara, tuberoza, iris, floare de portocal, lemn de santal, vanilie, iar cel masculin ghimbir, bergamota, iasomie, vetiver, ambra.

Believe by Britney Spears

Dupa Curious, Fantsy, Curious: In control si Midnight fantsy Britney Spears a lansat un nou parfum in colaborare cu Elizabetn Arden - Believe. Este un mix intre fructe exotice, flori si ambra. In el se regasesc arome de tei, praline roz, paciuli si guava.

Paris a lansat un parfum nou

In weekendul ce tocmai a trecut Paris si-a lansat, la magazinul Kitson din Los Angeles, cel de-al patrulea parfum, dupa Paris Hilton, Just me si Heiress. A optat pentru un look casual sic purtand skinny jeans negri, un top din satin ornat cu pietricele si un cardigan leopard print.
Revenind la parfum, acesta este inspirat de filmul Moulin Rouge ecranizat in 2001 si de coloana sonora din care face parte si celebra Lady Marmalade, este floral fructat oriental. Notele de varf sunt date de floarea de clementina, coacaze si nectarine, cele de mijloc de orhideea salbatica si floarea de portocal, iar cele de baza de mosc si ambra.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jewels: Big, Bold, Funky, Chunky

Ok. I actually hate the word "funky" in almost any and all circumstances (when Melora in "Ghost World" uses it, that pretty much sums up everything I hate about it and the people who use it a lot), but it rhymed with "chunky, " so fuck it.

Anyway, so, seeing "that blue and black Marni necklace" EVERYWHERE, (Behindbigglasses tried to make their own! Respek!) I can't help but want that a billion other big-ass pieces -- primarily necklaces -- of stone, wood, leather, Perspex, Lucite and any or all combos of mixed materials therein. Viva la statement pieces!

And so, my obsession begins:
($972, Marni,
Alas, just a wee bit out of my price range.

($730, Marni)
Pure beauty. Love the grey.

Jewelry designer Ligia Dias basically rules. She's barely 30 and she's already designed jewelry for Lanvin, and she's collaborated with Comme des Garçons and Phillip Lim. Good luck getting your hands on her stuff though, unless you live near a Holt Renfrew or are in a position to drop by Dover Street Market or Colette on your way home from work. Refinery29 also did a piece on her. Sigh and swoon.

($695, Erickson Beamon,
You really don't need more than a solid tank top with a necklace like this. Well, that and pants.

($477, Erickson Beamon,
Ok, so this is a little wack, but so is BEING BORING.

($240, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen,
So speaking of boring, this bow necklace would be nothing spesh if it were made of plastic, but it's made of LEATHER which makes it way more amazing and unexpected. And amazing.

($48, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
Love this Marc By Marc Jacobs ring...

($58, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
But not as much as I love this Marc By Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell '80s pin. I've been craving this fucker for a fortnight.

Link($55, Createdestroyrebuild,
This stuff is allegedly for the menfolks, but whatevs. Strong enough for a man, rad enough for the ladies, I say! And check out the Gameboy/girl. Tee!

Cute widdle ghosty!

Cute -- AND made from reclaimed billboard vinyl! Wee!

($80, Isharya)
Loves. Fin!

Broke & Skinny

You may not be rich, but at least you can LOOK skinny with the aid of skinny jeans, right ladies? I mean, HELLOOOO! Priorities! Live fast and fuck dieting: just suck it in and charge these slimifying pants! Wee!

Pooooor Posh. If only she were A LITTLE thinner, she could totally be my thinspiration. But, until she sheds at least 15 pounds (at LEAST!), she'll have to remain a heifer. I do love her jeans though. They're by Superfine:

($287, Superfine,

($260, Superfine,
A nice winter wash!

($108, Citizens Of Humanity,
LOVE these. They'd look so cute with some black boots and a purple and black flannel.

($235, Sass & Bide,

($226, Judi Rosen,
I know I've said that I'm basically anti colored jeans, but I will defend my hypocrisy by saying the following: these aren't some ridiculous color usually reserved for ice cream or emergency vehicles. Blue is a NATURALLY OCCURRING shade of denim. And these are adorable.

($321, Twenty8Twelve,
No, Sienna Miller really doesn't need the $300 or whatever percentage of each sale she receives. But these are HAWT.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Andreea Marin

Andreea Marin a fost intotdeauna un subiect interesant pentru presa, atat pentru cea de scandal, cat si pentru publicatiile de calitate. In ultima vreme toate revistele o vor pe Zana Surprizelor pe coperta. Viva, Ce se intampla doctore?, Unica. Evident ca toata lumea vrea sa afle unde o sa nasca, daca are bona, daca va sta acasa dupa nastere.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Comfy Cardis!

My cardigan and knit obsession continues, especially in goes-with-anything greys and blacks. Here are several cardis, sweaters and other knits I so deeply desire:

($150, Clue,
But will I look as pouty and impossibly small-waisted if I buy this?

($306, Alexander McQueen,
I normally can't stand wearing clothes with brands plasted across them, but this isn't too obvious. Plus, graffiti = funs!

($228, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
This is so effin' cute. Subtle too. Deeeelightful!

($235, L.A.M.B.,
Due to the placement of the knit straps, I'd prolly advise not wearing this is you're over a small B-cup, lest your boobs push the belts so far to the sides that they get swallowed up by your pits. Regardless, I sorta love the lederhosen vibe this cute little sweater gives off.

($63, Priorities, Bluefly)
A striped, zippy hoodie cardi is such a necessity that they even named it PRIORITIES!

($194, Nom*D,
One for the dudes! I'm sorta unsure how I feel about longer stuff on dudes (save for a nice 3/4-length coat, but I guess this is sorta similar.

($245, C&C California,
Can you make it through the winter without a dark cashmere cardigan? (Or a reasonable facsimile -- a reasonable facsimile being at least $150 less and probably NOT cashmere?) No. No you cannot.

($258, Juicy Couture, Nordstrom)
Love the dainty little ruffling -- usually I HATE ruffles, but this is just non-intrusive enough. And I love the heather grey version too.

($29, Target)
I realized most of the stuff I posted was well above the FB affordable standard, so here's one from Ol' Faithful, Targz.

Brazilian Spirit

Feel the Brazilian spirit. Famous Brazilian artist Felga had been conceived to help the women show her seductive side with maximum appeal.

Style with graphic impact. This set has a geometric lace thong with textronic lace detail and side ties and a bra with underwired cup with textronic lace.

Heidi Klum - Very sexy make-up

Supermodelul Heidi Klum a lansat o linie de cosmetice pentru Victoria's Secret. Preturile sunt rezonabile, intre 9$ si 20$. Linia contine rujuri, glossuri, blush, pudra, creioane pentru buze si ochi si un portfard din catifea very sexy.

credit foto: victoria's secret