Thursday, November 25, 2010

mamta mohandas on cancer

mamta mohandas on cancer

Mollywood really had a big shock when they realized from the media that their favorite actress Mamta Mohandas was suffering from cancer. The 25 year old actress was diagnosed to be suffering from a rare type of cancer named Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but fortunately for Mamta and her fans, the disease has been diagnosed at a very early stage and chances of Mamta recovering from it are 100 per cent.

I had to undergo a haircut when I was acting for a song sequence in the film 'Anwar' for chemotherapy. Many thought that I had cut my hair to look beautiful and inquired about that. But I think, I faced the cancer bravely. It is a tough thing to undergo such painful treatments like Chemotherapy and radiation. But one must realize that without struggle there is no victory. This is my life’s philosophy, and so I don’t look at anything with negativity.

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