Thursday, August 9, 2007

Birthday Binge! Part II

From the folks who brought you today's Birthday Binge Part 1 comes Birthday Binge Part II: Dresses! Let's get down to bingeness.

($112, Marc by Marc Jacobs,
Dayom. This looks EXACTLY like the Proenza Schouler Tar-jay dress I gots back a few months ago when I ransacked a Target in Tampa:
A sick price for an MJ dress, especially in silk. And I love those boots very very very much too, birthday fairy! (You listening birthday fairy???)

($114, Corey Lynn Calter, Active Endeavors)
There's something sweetly '70s about this.

($175, Corey Lynn Calter, Active Endeavors)
More Corey Lynn Calter loves.

($363, Kara Janx, Active Endeavors)
I absolutely fucking LOVE all of the new metallics Kara Janx is cranking out. They look like they were constructed from lame curtains rescued from a Studio 54 fire sale. And I mean that in a very very good way. I like her kimono wrap dresses, but they were a bit Park Slope yoga mama for my liking, so I love that she's making stuff that's a little more edgy.

($278, Meghan,
This photo is horrible, but I love this fun party frock. It's very Betsey Johnson at erm... Meghan prices!

($275, Nieves Lavi,
Can't.. even... deal with Nieves Lavi's Valencia Fruit Dress. Oy! Vat a print!

($224, Eclipse, Active Endeavors)
So effortless.

($230, Nieves Lavi,
Nieves Lavi Alahambra dress would look amazing over black tights with some black boots, ya hurrrrrd? Too bad they've only got this in 2. Boooo for 2!

($180, Venezia,
This photo is from hunger, but the piece is pretty fantastic, though I'm sure something similar could swiftly be located at Forever 21.

(Apprx $36 USD,
So many accessorizing options. Mmmm. Reds and yellows!

($140, pelin,
Mmm. More of that mustard yellow I love so.

($160, Prospect 44,
I love Prospect 44, and I definitely love this dress, but something about this chick's knees bug me for some reason. Oh well. Check out this black goddess dress, also by the designer.

($195, Sika, Pieces)
Normally I wouldn't be so down with the ethnicy print, but I loooove this.

($89, potipoti,
Bees, please! This looks incredibly comfy and so summery. I love her eyeshadow too, by the way.

($135, Guise For Girls,
My love for orange has been well documented. This bright, juicy slice of goodness is no exception.

($113, Nanette Lepore, Saks Fifth Avenue)
I've binged so hard today that it's really tough to pick a fave item, but this might have to be it.
Okay, I've got plenty more bingin' locked and loaded, so be prepared, Girl Scouts!

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