Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pleather Yourself: Jenna Jameson for PETA

Jenna Jameson posed for PETA's latest ad campaign called "Pleather Yourself".

During an interview she confesses that she's been a pleather fan ever since. "I've worn a lot of pleather in my life," she says. "Anybody that knows Jenna Jameson knows I've lived half my life in it."

According to PETA, Jenna is a living proof that pleather certainly sexy. They encourage people to use pleather and consider the animals. Most cows, pigs, and sheep who are slaughtered for their skin, endure miserable lives in factory farms, where extreme crowding, deprivation, unanesthetized castration, branding, and dehorning are common.

For PETA, by choosing pleather, you are keeping the fun alive and helping animals!


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