Monday, January 24, 2011

Eva Mendes Is Calculating

Eva Mendes Is Calculating

This is funny because I never would’ve guessed this about her. To me she always has seemed very free-spirited. But apparently Eva Mendes is a little bit type-A. The actress says she’s taking over.
“World domination is my goal. There’s always a method to my madness – people see me as a completely random type, but I’m actually incredibly calculating when it comes to my career.
“If I do topless Calvin Klein ads, it’s because I’ve realised it’s time to turn up the heat in terms of my sexuality. Nothing I do is casual; it’s all methodical.
“I’m just not sure what my method is. All I know is that it’s part of a master plan for me to rule the world. I will accept nothing less. I don’t want to go anywhere but there. That’s my true destination.”

In addition to her plan to take over the world, Eva Mendes  says she can’t sit still. Ever. Oh how I can relate.
“Never look behind you – that’s the best bit of advice I ever received, and it came from my athletics coach in high school. He made me realise that if I did glance behind me when running, even that millisecond of distraction could lose me the race. Since then I’ve lived my life never looking back.
“Living that way probably means I’m not as reflective as some people. I’m not saying I’m doing it right; it’s a very intense way to live.
“There are times when I wish I had more reflective moments. For instance, I’m incapable of taking a holiday – and I haven’t had one for years. I’m incapable of sitting on a beach for a week. I just don’t do it. I’m too driven. What I need is an English country house where I can busy myself all day making jam and scones.”
Eva’s full of quotes these days. First, marriage is boring. Now she’s taking over the world!
Are you like Eva Mendes  or are you a little more relaxed?


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