Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here's What The Hilton Looked Like Back In The Day

(Credit: This guy's Flickr)

YOU GUYS! Can you BELIEVE that this was an actual ad for Hilton? Those uniforms are BUHLOWING my mind back and forth, side to side. Is that Conrad himself in that red ringleader Svengali situation? I can't EVEN HANDLE the broccoli chef's toque on the far right. It's like the Love Boat crashed directly into a gay pride float. IN THE BEST WAY EVER. If anyone in the world opens up an actual hotel based on this Rainbow Brite creative, PLEASE CALL ME. I will be there for the opening ceremony. Also, PLEASE equip every room with those "computers."

Also, speaking of hotels, my one-year anniversary (I believe that's the poster putty anniversary? Actually it's the paper anniversary, and you know what's made of paper? MONEY! CHECKS! So FEEL FREE to send me some!) is coming up, and we're headed here for a long weekend next month:

It's the c/o Maidstone in East Hampton. With the exception of a quick day-long work trip, I've never been to the Hamptons, and Jauntsetter had a great deal. I love a boutique hotel, I love a hotel robe.

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