Friday, January 28, 2011

Kate Walsh Slams Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Speech

Kate Walsh Slams Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Speech

Kate Walsh doesn’t understand why Bristol Palin is giving a speech about abstinence to college students from Washington University in St. Louis. The former ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ contestant is scheduled to appear next month during the college’s Sexual Responsibility Week. Bristol was recently named the Teen Abstinence Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation.
Once Kate Walsh got wind of the news, she tweeted the following message to her fans:
“Welcome to the Idiocracy! RT @elliekirsh: @katewalsh please join students at Wash.U. to boycott Bristol Palin’s speech on abstinence. What does she know about college or abstaining?”

Fox News is reporting that Palin’s camp had no response, but Kate’s social media followers did. I guess enough people didn’t like what Kate was saying and told her so. The actress then claimed she had “freedom to tweet”:
“I’m not attacking anyone, freedom to tw’eet. Isn’t our country great? Or r YOU a communist?”
Oh boy. What’s your take?

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