Tuesday, January 25, 2011

James Franco: Don't be scared to see '127 Hours'

James Franco: Don't be scared to see '127 Hours'

James Franco arrives for the Golden Globe Awards Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

By Matt Sayles, AP

A breathless James Franco was rushing along Chapel Street this morning in New Haven, Conn., where he is a Ph.D candidate at Yale.

"They wanted me to go to New York this morning," says the actor. "But I told them I wasn't going to miss class."

He was still processing the news of his Oscar nomination for playing trapped hiker Aaron Ralston in the harrowing 127 Hours. "Yeah, it feels good," he told USA TODAY's Susan Wloszczyna. "Yeah, when I look back at it I can say, 'Hey, I was nominated.'"

Reminded that he also has to work the night of the ceremony Feb. 27 as co-host with Anne Hathaway, he laughed and said, "Yeah, I have double duty. There are a lot more nominees than there are nominees who hosted the same year."

James Franco also made another plea for people not to be scared away by the fact that he has to cut off his arm in the movie. "It is not a gratuitous scene and the fact it is scaring people away is a crime." To accommodate those who have changed their minds, the film will open wider on Friday.

James Franco's plans for the rest of the day? "I'll be going to class and then some homework."

What, no celebration? "I'm doing The Daily Show tonight." Maybe Jon Stewart can slip him some bubbly.


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