Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kelsey Grammer REALLY Wants a Divorce!

Kelsey Grammer REALLY Wants a Divorce!

For a guy who reportedly enjoys sex like a woman, Kelsey Grammer is taking a manly stance in his divorce proceedings with Camille Grammer.

The actor has made his case to a judge that he's taken every step necessary to be legally free forever from his wife. In new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Kelsey Grammer is asking the court to officially grant the split.

Grammer Kiss
Please just kiss Kelsey goodbye already, Camille.

The only things holding it up: greed and vindictiveness.

Kelsey Grammer has turned down a $30 million offer already, and now Kelsey Grammer refuses to put up a $10 million bond that would keep everyone honest while they negotiate the final settlement.

Kelsey Grammer wants to be free from one marriage so he can begin a new one: he's engaged to 29-year old Kayte Walsh. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. An anxious world awaits.


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