Monday, January 24, 2011

Nicky Minaj Getting In Trouble In London

Nicky Minaj 
Getting In Trouble In London

They’re never going to let her in again after all this shenanigans! Nicky Minaj is currently in London to do interviews and club appearances as part of a promotional tour she’s doing. But she’s managing to sneak in a little site-seeing/trouble making while she’s overseas as well.

Nicky Minaj and her entourage headed to the Buckingham Palace. While they were there, they stopped to take pictures in a spot that is a “no stopping zone.”  The police were all over it. They started shooing her away immediately.

Nicky Minaj tweeted about the incident saying,
“Trying to take a picture by the Buckingham Palace… Got chased by the police the 1st (sic) time but the paps helped us get pics from a different angle of the palace.”
This comes on top of Nicky Minaj getting kicked out of her London hotel for fan disturbances. Is that fair they’re punishing her for fan behavior? It’s not like she can control that.


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