Sunday, February 20, 2011


PEOPLE! GET READY! There are DYNASTY BARBIES in this world! An Alexis Barbie and a Krystle Barbie to herald the 30th anniversary of Dynasty.

If you've been reading this blog for more than a minute plus, you may possibly know that '80s power dressing is my FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD (besides cats). Metallic jacquards, all sequins all the time! It was a time when lamé wasn't lame, everyone overdressed and overaccessorized for EVERYTHING, makeup was generally WAY too dark, shoulder pads weren't met with the abhorrence one associates with a used condom. Ah, those were better, tackier, happier days.

Check out the new Dynasty Barbies. I think I may need to buy Alexis because I was always a bigger fan of her, and because the detailing on her dress is more majah.

They're $34.95 each at

Also, how CUUUUUTE is the new "She Said Yes" Barbie and Ken set commemorating Barbie and Ken's getting-back-togetherness? (Disclosure: I was sent the set --- and THANK YOU! I LOVE!)
($13.91, Amazon)

I like how they're dressed to go on a beach holiday and I'm into the fact that Barbie's wearing a throwback take on her original maillot. I do have to say though, that Ken's ombre trunks, his slimmed-down waist, and his very blond hair have me wondering if he's more a friend of Judy than of Barbie. Oh wells! To the happy couple!

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