Friday, February 11, 2011

Usher Talks Grammy Night with Justin Bieber

Usher Talks Grammy Night with Justin Bieber

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards are this Sunday (February 13) and Usher and Justin Bieber are pumped for the night’s festivities.

The “OMG” singer and the “Baby” pop sensation will perform together along with Jaden Smith, and it’s gonna be hot.

Usher told press at last night's Belvedere bash, "Having been through [the Grammys] so many times, you couldn't want for anything more than for your young protégé to have the opportunity to have one, so, in support of him having his moment, I wanted to be here."

"And also to be there to perform, to kind of tell the story of how we came together. This music business has definitely been good to both of us, and this year we have a lot to be happy for."

He continued, "The performance will be fun. We want to get up there and just do what we do. Be comfortable, and have a great time. ... This is kind of a crossover for Justin. Having performed on so many different stages, this is the way that I wanted him to be seen and an opportunity to show the industry — a lot of the industry, that didn't believe [in him] — some of his other talents. He's going to play acoustically, and also, we'll get down a bit."


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