Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From the WTF Fashion Files

Today’s WTF Fashion comes from the utterly hilarious and Best Houseguest Ever, Pam. Earlier this week, Pam sent me an email containing only the following in the body:

What the F is this?

And a link. To this:

($54, Victoria's Secret)

WTF indeed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The answer: you've stumbled across a rare fashion specimen: the foulest skirt for leagues around. Leave it to the mysterious Victoria to churn out not just poorly made, overpriced lingerie but a skirt so heinous that it's an affront to the entire skirt genre. The entire skirt genus or whatevs! It's bad enough that Victoria's Secret clothing catalog, (if you’ve ever seen one, surely a small piece of your heart died forever), contains items that haven't been updated or rephotographed since Jill Goodacre was hot shit. It just makes it worse that they're pedaling repugnant trends that shouldn’t even be trendy. Personally, I wouldn't even wear this in the comfort and privacy of my own bathroom while relieving myself. Horbs.

P.S: I won the floral bag! Tee!!

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