Sunday, July 16, 2006

See and Be Scene: The Siren Festival

Every year I moan and groan about the Siren Festival, and every year I go and have a decent time. The past couple years I've even had a VIP pass, which I must say, if you can get one? Do. They rock. I amused myself between bands (and even during bands) by taking pics of the fashion choices of the hipster specimen. Dresses were big:

But ladies, we really must pay attention to footwear. I think this girl was like 16, so she has time to learn, and grow out of her ugly-rebellion stage, but still:

I'm loving all the cute shorts out there these days, too:

Plaid (and madras) pants and shorts for boys are apparently all the rage; when did this happen?

Yeah, I know: That last one was a little unnecessary.

Uh, and at least among the Misshapes set, manbags are very popular:

I didn't see nearly enough hats. These three pleased me, though:

I was also surprised at the lack of utter disasters. I'm not quite sure if this qualifies; it's so crazy as to be, well, inspired:

Here's a dude in the Les Savy Fav t-shirt I was talking about last week. I'm not so sure I want it anymore:

My pick for best dressed among those I saw? This girl, in casual black dress, print bag (yes!) and little booties (which perhaps looked better in real life)...

and this dude, whose fabulousness might have been due mainly to his exuberant dancing during Celebration's set.

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