Thursday, July 27, 2006

What’s Black and White and Stripey All Over?

Ok, so this isn’t exactly BREAKING! FASHION! NEWS! But stripes are hot, y’all. Especially black and white. I love ‘em, so let’s be emotionally present, people, and live in the now. Let’s think punk/ penitentiary / barbershop pole/ crosswalk/ Sailor Jerry/ Hamburglar chic and celebrate black and white stripes!

Let’s hop to it:

This DVF shirtwaste-style wrap dress is totes punk princessy (especially if you can get your hair to do that, which, regrettably, I can’t). I know, TECHINCALLY, these are “chocolate” stripes (ha. Ew!) but it’s close enough:

($325.00, Diane von Furstenberg,

I love the femmey lace trim on this 3.0 Phillip Lim dress, which was on Net-a-Porter via for $510 but here it is ('zact same dress!) on standardstyle for $250. Ha ha, suckahs!

($250.80, 3.0 Phillip Lim,

If that's way outta yer budge, you po' folks can settle for this Forever 21 kinda-sorta version:

($24, Forever 21)

Or this dressier version:

($44, Romeo & Juliet,

Or this not-at-all-dressy version:


And, if you're totally like "nah brah" to the trendy rugby stripes and you want something more orig-looking, looky this And looky that price! Whut?


Next up: if I could only pick ONE b&w-s item like EVER, it'd have to be this:

So versatile, so snuggly-looking and so sweet. Plus, Jessica Simpson has one, and as a devoted follower of her vapid, busty ways, I wholly support that. (Again, I know it’s navy, but IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, START YOUR OWN BLOG).

Do the Jennifer Beals running-in-place dance in this off-the-shoulder top:

($80, C&C California,

If you're skinny enough to not look totes P.G. in this stripey billowy top, then by all means, go right ahead!

(On sale: $29.99, Lux, Urban Outfitters)

Now, for bottoms, I KNOW you're smart enough to know that it’s NEVER EVER okay to wear striped pants unless you’re Lenny Kravitz, and maybe even then... I obviously don't need to inform you that you should never wear striped separates unless you're in jail. But a striped skirt is totally cool and very Factory Girl:

($14.99, Luella, If you're size 11, lucky you.

And these striped tights are super sexy and won’t make you look like circa 2002 Avril, though have you seen her these days? She went from weak to chic! And congrats on your nups, ladyfriend! (She totally reads this).

($15, Emilio Cavallini,

Anyway, striped accessories are also totally fun, ESPECIALLY if you're NOT wearing other striped items.

Stripes plus hearts? For two bucks?? Now you're cookin' with gas!

Striped bag to put all of your striped purchases in (for later wearings when NOT carrying the striped bag, of course):


Fancier striped bag for when you want to look SUPER awesome: Love the black on white background. WAY smarter than just regular stripes:


And CHEAP striped shoes that would look so cute with black tights and a denim mini:

($22, ummmm...)

Last but totes not least, if your bref is stanks, come correct with this fashionable toothbrush:


Now go paint the town black and white! Kthanksbye!

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