Friday, July 21, 2006

Needs Versus Wants, Needs Versus Wants

I'm mere days away from another birthday, yet it seems no matter how old I get, I'll always find it impossible to separate needs from wants. Oh well. Fuck it.

First thing I want today: this ADORABLE sun bag:

(Kate Spade, $99 Buy It Now, eBay)

Normally I find Kate Spade to be a total preppy snoozefest. But this Alexander Girard bag has Miami Beach Bubbie plastered all over it, and I totally have an inner Bubbie who'll someday be wearing garish pant suits with humungo faux rhinestones, topped by a safari-style button-down with the sleeves rolled up, cinched with one these:

($1.99,, you can actually STILL buy these!)

Oh yes. I certainly did. Anyway, I'll carry this bag. (Tons of 'em on ebay!) Until then, I give it T-minus 2 sec. until some chick with stringy hair and smeared eyeliner rolls down Bedford Avenue wearing one of those t-shirt slides.

Okay, more wants:

Outrageously $$$ Chloe boots. Here's the real-deal, Black AmEx version:

($1,155, Chloe,

Here's the Visa versions:

($425, Tracey Ross,

($311.99, David Ackerman, Bluefly)

And finally, the Discover card versions:

(Apprx $88,

It's the money shot, y'all!

($55, Report,

Lastly, here's something I snapped a camfone shot of yesterday that I definitely did not want nor need to see:

(This woman's personal closet of horrors)

Dudes. Why? Why, why, why, WHY? Animal prints are super great when they're reserved for the special ocassion fun leopard-print trench or car coat:

($99, The Find,, but don't buy it because it's real)

But A GIRAFFE PRINT ON YOUR ASS? Unless you're doing some sort of promotion for Toys R Us (and I don't know why on earth you would be) that's just downright indecent.

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