Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Non-Pukey Pumps & Purses... And... An FB PARTY!

In the spirit of alliteration AND our new banner -- HELLLOOOO!!?? Are you hearting it or what? -- in which the little puppy is yakking on fashion cliches, (if we really need to spell things out for you), here are some super fun shoes and bags that don't make me want to barf.

The party we'll get to at the end of the post, class.

First, some super fun party heels by Betsey Johnson:

($76, Betsey Johnson, Overstock.com)
Usually satin makes me want to run screaming in horror, but in the case of these Kipp Satin d'Orsay pumps, it makes them look a hint less silly and slutty. Though only a hint, of course.

($94, Betsey Johnson, Overstock.com)
These Betsey Johnson Yori wedges are fun too. Barbie-ish, yes, for sure, but who cares? I'd totes wear the black ones with some cigarette pants and a silk scarflette tied around my neck for maximus "Tell me about it, stud" Sandy Dombrowski appeal.

($46, J.Lo, Overstock.com)
I don't even think I'm sorry that I broke my own no-J.Lo rule for these fun, hookerish heels!

($249, Donald Pliner, Solestruck.com)
Now these gorgeous strappy heels look like something J.Lo herself might actually wear. What's not to love about suede and raffia? Well, actually, there's plenty not to love, but in this case, it actually works.

($364, Delman, Solestruck.com)
Aren't these just delightfully '40-ish, minus the War?

($159, Kenzie, Shoes.com)
Finally, Kenzie redeems itself after previous Irregular Choice-like missteps. I'm not usually crazy about that sorta relief situation that the heel's got going on, but here I don't really mind it.

($35, Sugar, Cutesyshoes.com)
Yep, these wedges are absurd, but it's hard for me to resist adorable crustaceans, so here they are in their tacky glory, just WAITING to be worn to a picnic, preferrably while lounging on one of those cool 1950s backyard swings, if you know what I mean.

Kay. Now for the bags:

($417, Marni, Yoox.com)
This briefcase-style lite eggplant Marni bag is gorgeous but it's quite autumnal, so it'll have to wait til then. And til I have $400 to blow on a bag. So, in other words, it'll have to wait forever.

Next, so I was browsing some shops in the BK the other day, and I discovered some interesting synthetic handbags by Big Buddha. Unforch, the site hasn't been updated in a hot minute, but I found some elsewhere that I really like. They're super affordable, and in person, the synthetic material is unbelievably soft and leatherlike.

($74, Big Buddha, eBags.com)
This is the Jenny bag, and it's gorgeous in black. It also comes in orange, which I love:

And while the brown looks nice, I fear the blue looks waaaaay too much like denim. At least online anyway.

($68, Big Buddha, eBags.com)
I also like the Small Ranger Bag, which is quite great in other iterations, which include black, brown and green.

Big Buddha's not all posies and gumdrops though, as a black cloud befell my discovery when I happened upon these bags I absolutely did NOT heart, but, as my mom always said: you're not always gonna like everyone. Errr... it went something like that, anyway.


Now for the party news...

You know all of those amazing, ridiculous mini skirts, slutty pumps, outlandishly humungo bangles and crap that you buy thinking, SOMEDAY I'll have something to wear this to... Well bust that shit out NOW, because you're gonna need it next Friday.


Fashionbinge is turning 1!

That's right. It's our Very Important Blogiversary Party, and we're having it Friday, May 25 at Angels & Kings in the East Village (which is in New York). And YOU need to be there.

While I'm fairly sure Pete Wentz will NOT be there, MK and I will be doing it up (thanks, booze!) with drink specials, a DJ who also happens to live with me and sweetly collect my numerous packages from the UPS guy, cooks for me and tells me honestly when my outfits suck (i.e. NEVER) before I go to work in the morning, AND, most importantly RAD door prizes by some of our flaverflaves, including:

Yak Pak

Le Tigre



Campfire Goods

Stewart + Brown

Sublime Stitching

Girls Can Tell



Mua Purses

Super, supremo best. LQQK for a cooler invite soon, k?

Okay, now it's beddybyebye time so I can get my beauty sleep and wake up renewed and ready to post more crap I say I shouldn't buy but will probably end up caving in a few weeks (max) and buying anyway. Toodles, poodles!!

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