Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wearable Fashion Trends 8: Minidresses

This season marks the return of the minidress. It seems that every fabric, colour, cut and style of minidress were made with hemlines creeping up and up - some barely-there - for the warmer weather perhaps.

Runway: The skirts are so short on some of the minis and babydolls that they barely cover the model's bottom.

Reality Shorter may be better for shorts, dresses and skirts, but this is definitely a youthful trend. Get the same leggy look with a bit more coverage by adding a minidress with black tights or by putting a minidress over skinny cropped jeans.

Just for fun, I looked for pics of celebrities in their minidresses and here's what I found in Second City Style. Who looks prettier? Who Wore It Better?

Lindsay Lohan vs. Lily Allen in a tweed-rimmed dress by Chanel

Stacy Keibler vs. Kelly Clarkson in a Castle Starr minidress

Nicky Hilton vs. Hilary Duff in a Petro Zillia jumper

Paris Hilton vs. Serena Williams in an Alice + Olivia sequined shift

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