Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Separated At Birth: Project Runway's Christian & Shirley Feeney

Seriously, ever since this boring-as-watching-paint-dry season of Project Runway IV began, I've been fruitlessly trying to figure out who Christian "s'Fierssssse" Siriano reminded me of, and FINALLY, during tonight's not-unboring episode, it HIT me: girl looks like Cindy Williams of Laverne & Shirley fame. Remember that show? Man, when they both opened the doors on each other in the opening credits? That shit killed! And when they put their work gloves on the bottles of beer and then waved bye to them? The best! Remember -- Laverne was the one who wore the "L" on everything she owned (so you could remember that she was Laverne), and Shirley was the straight one. And the Type A one.

Just sayin'.

And look what we have here! The beginnings of a pinning-your-navel-to-your-spin model pose, against a couch covered in just-as-heinous faux fur! Looks like someone's been reading THE BINGE!

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