Sunday, February 1, 2009

12th Street By Cynthia Vincent's Very Mad Men-esque Didi Pump, Now On Super Sale!

I have the serious howling fantods over Cynthia Vincent's Didi floral fabric pumps. Betty Draper (or someone Don Draper would sleep with on the side) would SO wear these. Here, look, won't you?

($117, 12th Street By Cynthia Vincent,
It's like Cynthia Vincent took a nap inside my mind, read my dreams, woke up and designed the PERFECT PUMP, just for ME.

($100, 12th Street By Cynthia Vincent, Blue And Cream)
Seriously, these are just $100. I need a second to get my mind around that...

... Okay. I'm back.
($108, 12th Street By Cynthia Vincent,
These aren't as me, but I like the Gwen Stefani/ Alexander McQueen-iness of the plaid. (BTW, did you know that Alexander McQueen is only 39? What am I DOING with my life?)

Also, these Hale Bob floral pumps are so wrong they're almost right:
($69, Hale Bob, DSW)

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