Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing Chinatown Wedding Cake

I was in Chinatown this afternoon for dim sum, and on my way back to the train I saw this INSANE wedding cake in the window of what wasn't even a wedding bakery type place. Just a regular roll-and-coffee Chinese bakery. The insane cake was plastic and constructed of several different levels, most of them dusty and seemingly tacked on like a pastry afterthought. The most absurd part -- one tier had ambiguously ethnic brides- and groomsmen, while the very top had this Precious Moments-looking couple. It sorta says a lot of about race in America, specifically in Chinatown, when there wasn't even an Asian couple up on top, and the next group down were some handmaidens or someting -- Puerto Rican? Black? Indian? -- and were basically subserviant to the Whities, who weren't even "human" but Hallmark-licensed cartoons. WTF? It was so busted. So I did the only reasonable thing there was to do -- take photos to share with you. Enjoy(-ish!)

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